Donations and membership

With your support, you make a significant contribution to fighting hunger and poverty, building confidence and strengthening self-determined living. The Zewo seal of approval guarantees a conscientious and cost-conscious use of your donations.


With your donation you support Biovision’s project work worldwide. Donate here via credit card, Postcard, Twint, PayPal, QR deposit slip or direct debit.


For donations via e-banking, please use the following information:

Recipient / location: Biovision Foundation / 8005 Zurich, Switzerland
IBAN: CH6909000000871930934

As Biovision is certified by Zewo, your donations are tax deductible. You can find more information here.

I am happy to help with any questions you might have!

Sanja Zdravkov

Membership and Donation Service

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Eine Frau des Samburu Stammes.
Biovision’s projects promote self-determined livelihoods, for example for people affected by climate change. Noolangeli Tukuyen Lekalkuli of the Samburu tribe from Oldonyiro, Kenya, started keeping camels and has thus increased her resilience to droughts.

Become a member

As a member, you support Biovision’s project work on a regular basis. Biovision imparts ecological, scientifically verified knowledge and provides resources for people to strengthen their livelihoods themselves. A minimum annual contribution of CHF 75 helps ensure the success of our projects in the long term. As a gesture of gratitude, we will gladly send you a book of your choice from our collection of books about sustainability. 

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Please note that only persons living in Switzerland can apply for membership. Both the Direct Debit Form and the Payment Order will be sent in German.
The term “member” is not used in the legal sense regarding associations, but rather as a designation for patrons of our foundation.

I am happy to help with any questions you might have!

Sanja Zdravkov

Membership and Donation Service

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Gift certificates

Give your loved ones a contribution to one of Biovision’s priority projects – a meaningful gift that is always appreciated!

We will gladly send a certificate listing the donated amount and name of the beneficiary to your address so that you can then give it as a gift. Please pay for the donated amount here and include the name of the chosen certificate as a message.

Climate certificate for the project “Policy for Agroecology

Droughts, depleted soil, disease and pest infestations represent major challenges for smallholder agriculture in sub Saharan Africa. Biovision raises awareness about sustainable food systems among decision-makers and helps small farmers to combat climate change by adopting agroecological approaches.

Camel certificate for the project “Sustainable Grazeland Management

Livestock farming provides a livelihood for many people in Samburu, northern Kenya. However, grazing land has become degraded and scarce due to droughts, overuse and deforestation. Biovision supports grazing land committees to ensure sustainable grazeland management and promotes the development of additional sources of income – invasive plants are processed into fuel and animal feed and then sold, for example.

Beehive certificate for the project “Bees for young entrepreneurs

The beehive epitomizes action that helps people to help themselves. People in the Siraro region in Southern Ethiopia are often fighting against hunger, poverty and the effects of drought. Biovision is supporting them by providing training in beekeeping and the marketing of honey. This opens up new opportunities to earn money and makes them independent of emergency aid.

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I am happy to help with any questions you might have!

Sanja Zdravkov

Membership and Donation Service

044 512 58 11

Event donations

Are you celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other occasion, whether in a private or business setting? An event donation offers you the opportunity to collect donations instead of gifts.

You have 2 options for collecting donations from your events:

  1. You collect the donations yourself and transfer the collected amount to us with a note (“Birthday Jane Doe”). You can find payment options here.
  2. You can distribute Biovision QR deposit slips at your event, which we will be happy to send to you by post. Your guests can thus make a donation to Biovision themselves and receive a donation receipt for the tax authorities. We will then send you a list of donors.

Feel free to contact us for further questions or if you would like supplementary documents, such as Biovision magazines, annual reports or a small gift (such as Post-it notepads or Biovision pens) for your event.

I am happy to help with any questions you might have!

Sanja Zdravkov

Membership and Donation Service

044 512 58 11

Funeral donations

Would like to send a sign of hope while mourning the loss of a loved one?

By foregoing flowers and wreaths in favour of a donation to Biovision, you support the successful continuation of our projects for self-determined livelihoods in sub-Saharan Africa.

Please include the following reference in the obituary:

“In lieu of flowers, please support the Biovision Foundation, 8005 Zurich, IBAN CH69090000871930934 / memo: In memory of ((first name, last name))”.

We would be grateful if you would send us a copy of the obituary or inform us at We will then send you a list of donors.

Inheritances and legacies

Giving confidence and strength to future generations – for a healthy life in harmony with our planet.

Our foundation is increasingly receiving legacies and bequests from benefactors who wish to continue doing good for humanity and our planet beyond their lifetime.

We are touched by this deep connection with humankind and the world we live in. In silent remembrance, we thank all previous legatees for their timeless solidarity with all life.

«Many said I was mad»

Throughout my life, I have always had people who encouraged me,” says Roland von Ballmoos. For example, he learned an incredible amount from his mother. “She was the brains in the family and did the accounts for the family business”. In contrast, his father was a visionary. “From him I have my passion, the spirit of adventure and my love of fast cars,” he says with a smile.

With vision we can achieve great things

Romy Erb Knobel and Robert Knobel have travelled widely. Both love sport and can often be found touring in different countries – walking, cycling or skiing.
Can Deniz, Kontakt für Legate und Erbschaften.

Writing a will is usually neither difficult nor expensive. For a personal consultation, please contact:

Can Deniz

044 512 58 16

“If we are to preserve our beautiful planet, humans must live in harmony with nature – everything is interconnected. It is precisely this sentiment that the Biovision Foundation embraces with its holistic approach. I want my savings to be used in a way that is a genuine reflection of me and so I have named Biovision as a beneficiary in my will.”
Long-standing friend of Biovision