Businesses that work according to agroecological principles make a valuable contribution to the conservation of natural resources and long-term food security. Biovision supports entrepreneurs in gaining access to technical advice, working capital and relevant networks. We also motivate donors to invest more in such companies and in more favourable framework conditions. On the consumer side, we promote awareness of the added value of sustainably and socially produced food.

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How agroecological is my initiative?

Biovision promotes agroecology to leverage a sustainable food system. Entrepreneurs, project leaders and people responsible for initiatives often do not know how much their projects or business model correspond to the 13 principles of agroecology, though. To make their assessments easier (and anchor agroecology more firmly as a result), Biovision has developed the Business Agroecology Criteria Tool, or B-ACT for short.

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Agriculture, Markets
Kenya, Uganda

Neycha: The First Agroecology Accelerator and Fund

Agroecological enterprises are a key element in the transformation towards just and sustainable food systems. To enable them to scale up and create more local jobs and impact, we and our partner organization Shona set up the Neycha Accelerator & Fund to provide capacity building, networking and access to capital.
International, Kenya, Uganda

Investing in the Agroecological Business Case

In order to catalyse the scaling of agroecology and advance the transformation of the food system, this programme wants to increase the availability of suitable capital and build an enabling environment for agroecological enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa.