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Insightful coverage, exciting background reports, enriching interviews – that’s what our magazine offers. We show how our commitment is working, but also where we are facing challenges. We report on what is happening in agroecology and the food system and portray inspiring people who accompany us. The magazine is published four times a year in German and French for our members, donors and all interested parties. It is available free of charge through a subscription or downloadable online.

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Back issues in English

Please feed! But there’s more to it than that (No. 61)

The success story of an environmentally friendly farming method

Malaria quelled (No. 60)

A sigh of relief for the people of Malindi

Curing people – conserving forests (No. 59)

In Uganda, traditional medicine is indispensable

Underway on the Milky Way (No. 58)

The adventurous journey of camel milk in Kenya

The small farmers’ hero (No. 56)

Jona Mutasa spreads hope in Zimbabwe

Beekeeping opening up new prospects (No. 55)

Income opportunities for young entrepreneurs

Healthy animals – healthy people (No. 54)

Biovision’s holistic “One Health” principle

What does the future hold? (No. 53)

Maasai between tradition and modernity

Combining old and new knowledge (No. 51)

Conserving resources and increasing yields

Sustainability for all! (Nr. 50)

Fair and environmentally-friendly consumption goes to school

“Smart farmers” back organic (No. 49)

Enough is not enough (No. 48)

Well-nourished is more than just being

Pastoralists in Africa under pressure (No. 46)

Camels strenghten resilience to drought

Knowledge brings progress (No. 45)

Two cockerels as thank-you to teacher

Protect and use (No. 44)

Retain biodiversity in the Kakamega Rainforest

Trees produce black gold (No. 43)

Rich harvest from Jane Migao’s garden

Agriculture in Kenya on trial (No. 41)

Which is better: organic or conventional?

Taking the bull by the horns! No. 40)

Success for the man with the kitten!

From emergency help to self-help (No. 39)

Gobane Gamachu now has an income

Healthy animals for healthy people (No. 38)

Local knowledge against animal diseases

Fruit and timber for the future (No. 36)

Pilot project to counter deforestation in Uganda

Damage to mango groves averted (No. 35)

Successful control of invasive mango fruit flies in Kenya

Women bear brunt of responsibility (No. 34)

Role of women farmers in East Africa

Cooperation on site (No. 33)

Combining individual strengths

Uganda (No. 31)

The country needs trees!

Reviving traditional knowledge (No. 30)

to tackle current problems

Change for the better in Tolay (No. 29)

Ethiopian settlers seize the opportunity

Living between a drought and a flood (No. 28)

Camel’s milk to alleviate distress

Clever shopping (No. 26)

Think globally – act locally

Climate Change in Africa (No. 19)

A race against time

DDT in Africa (No. 18)

Help us stop this danger to human health and environment!