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Annual report 2022

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! This year, Biovision is 25 years young. We look back with gratitude and into the future with strong confidence.

By using concrete examples of projects, we show how we work and what kind of impact we achieve.

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Innovative Disease Prevention for Animals and People

People who live and work with animals are particularly at risk of contracting malaria or sleeping sickness. This project promotes integrated vector management as a multifaceted and sustainable method of disease prevention and control.
Agriculture, Markets

Neycha: The First Agroecology Accelerator and Fund

Agroecological enterprises are a key element in the transformation towards just and sustainable food systems. To enable them to scale up, we and our partner organization Shona set up the Neycha Accelerator and Fund to provide capacity building, networking and access to capital.

Sounding Soil – healthy soil makes noise

Soils that are alive make sounds – and soils that are cultivated in different ways sound different from one another. The research and art project “Sounding Soil” makes these sounds audible. Biovision uses “Sounding Soil” to sensitise the population, students, farmers and decision makers about sustainably managing soils.

Articles and stories

Agriculture, Consumption

Agroecological awakening in Murang’a

To ensure the long-term food security of people in the Kenyan district of Murang’a, agroecology has been enshrined in law. Biovision supported both the local authorities and the population in the process.

How agroecological is my initiative?

Biovision promotes agroecology to leverage a sustainable food system. Entrepreneurs, project leaders and people responsible for initiatives often do not know how much their projects or business model correspond to the 13 principles of agroecology, though. To make their assessments easier (and anchor agroecology more firmly as a result), Biovision has developed the Business Agroecology Criteria Tool, or B-ACT for short.
About us

25 years of Biovision

Today we celebrate 25 years of Biovision. Our journey has led us to countless encounters, brought numerous challenges, but also great successes. Join us on a journey through time, from our past to our future.
About us

25 years of Biovision in photos

In 2023, Biovision is celebrating its 25th birthday. Our years of dedicated work have had a lasting impact and left their mark. To mark the occasion, we invite you to accompany us through a compilation of photos and videos that we pulled from our archives.

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