Four questions to Stefanie Pondini

Project Manager, Political Dialogue and Advocacy

Why does Biovision need a team for Political Dialogue and Advocacy (PD&A)?

If sustainable food security is to be achieved, it requires influence for change where decisions are made, i.e., in policy discussions. It is here that the PD&A Team applies its leverage.

How do you do that?

We make national and international decision makers aware of issues relating to sustainable agriculture and changes to food systems. In so doing, we concentrate on promoting integrated research and the development of political strategies that focus on the climate debate. In addition, we provide tangible support to countries for the implementation of SDGs.

Is Biovision able to make its views heard over those of other lobbyists?

Yes, we are. This is because, unlike many other lobbyists, we can offer successful alternatives that actually work. From our years of experience in field projects, we are familiar with the local conditions for people and can draw on an established network of farmer organisations, scientists and NGOs.

What is the recipe for success?

Biovision is committed to a vision of zero hunger and not to shareholder value. As an honest broker and in possession of knowledge on ecological agriculture and sustainable food systems we have steadily raised our profile with a wide range of contacts and maximised our credibility.