Change in the management of Biovision



Since 23 February 2024, the Executive Committee of Biovision has been collectively responsible for the management of the company. The previous Executive Director, Dr Frank Eyhorn, is leaving Biovision by mutual agreement.

The Foundation Board of Biovision and its Executive Director, Dr Frank Eyhorn, have mutually agreed to terminate their employment relationship due to strategic differences. All the parties involved very much regret that it has not been possible to resolve their differences. Since Friday 23 February 2024, the management of Biovision has been transferred to the Executive Committee of Biovision, which will assume the role collectively until fur-ther notice.

By adopting this interim solution, Biovision is conserving a strong and responsible management team that will be able to successfully drive forward our vision and strategy. Whilst we very much regret this development, Biovision’s vision and programme remain unchanged. Our entire organisation will continue to work with determination and passion to drive forward the transformation of food systems towards greater sustainability. Frank Eyhorn will hand over his duties until 15 March.

The Foundation Board, the Executive Committee and the Biovision team would like to thank Frank Eyhorn for his great commitment over the past four years.

Here you can find some personal words from the President of the Foundation Board, Hans Rudolf Herren.


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Agroecological awakening in Murang’a

To ensure the long-term food security of people in the Kenyan district of Murang’a, agroecology has been enshrined in law. Biovision supported both the local authorities and the population in the process.