25 years of Biovision


Margarete Sotier, Biovision

Today we celebrate 25 years of Biovision. Our journey has led us to countless encounters, brought numerous challenges, but also great successes. Join us on a journey through time, from our past to our future.


It all started with a vision, a common goal that guided Biovision founder Hans R. Herren and his friends. They were determined to develop and implement sustainable  agricultural solutions, together with local people and through the application of science and expertise. Biovision’s first projects aimed to sustainably improve the living conditions of smallholder farmers in East Africa.

Further projects followed in East Africa, Switzerland and at an international level. All of them have been important steps for Biovision in promoting agroecology and impressively demonstrated viable approaches towards more sustainable food systems.


The vision of a healthy planet through sustainable food and ecological development is still the core of Biovision’s work to this day. By working together with our partner organizations, researchers and farmers, we gain many important insights and thus can continuously improve our projects. We are proud of what we have achieved so far. But the challenges of our time are vast.

Our goal is and remains to further establish agroecological practices through strong partnerships and to actively shape the transformation of food systems.


One of the biggest factors in the transformation of food systems lies in helping to shape political policies. That’s why we want to play an even more active role in decision-making bodies and set the agenda. We will stay on track to initiate the necessary change with targeted strategies and passion.

Portrait series  

In our portrait series, the founder and our foundation board members give insights into their personal experiences at Biovision. We asked them three questions: which are the most memorable moments from the last 25 years of Biovision, which developments so far they are particularly proud of, and what they consider to be the biggest lever for turning the system around.

25 years of Biovision in photos

For our birthday, we have compiled a photo and video history that vividly depicts Biovision’s commitment and impact over the years.

Each image and video in this collection tells a unique story that is a testament to Biovision’s dedication and commitment to a healthy planet.

Browse through our image archive and join us on this journey through our photo and video gallery. Take a look back to see where we came from and look forward with us to the future we can create together.



Agriculture, Knowledge

Healthy Animals – Healthy People

In southern Kenya, a new approach to reducing malaria and other tropical diseases is being tested with active involvement of villagers. The initial findings are promising.

“To Solve the Climate Crisis, We Need to Rethink”

The influence of agriculture and the food system on the climate has been neglected in climate negotiations thus far. In recent years, Biovision has been advocating for an agroecological transformation to address climate change. It was also present this year at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. We spoke to Tanja Carrillo from our Policy & Advocacy team about whether this conference has brought us a step closer to climate protection.
Knowledge, Politics

Healthy soil is life!

Soil is the fundament for life on Earth, provides food and feed for all creatures above and below ground and plays a major role in climate protection! Soils bind atmospheric CO2, absorb rain water while prevent flooding, store water in long dry seasons, and buffer the extreme adverse impacts of the fast changing climate.
Agriculture, Politics

For Overcoming the Global Food Crisis, We Need More Agroecology

Reducing organic production to fight the food crisis would be disastrous. Much more urgent for overcoming the crisis is the transformation to a sustainable food system.