“I can even smell my ground!”

How two farmers in Kenya made their soil fertile again – thanks to participatory research.

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Re-Thinking Food: Why we need a different food system - TEDx-Talk, organized by IHEID,

Biovision CEO Frank Eyhorn argues that food is currently one of the most powerful levers for changing things for good (direct link to the video on Youtube).

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“Be prepared to get your hands dirty”

From the desk to the field: students at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, were able to experience first-hand what it means to do agriculture sustainably.

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What the sounds of Swiss soils bring to the surface

Anna Schöpfer, Project Manager at Programme Switzerland, presents the importance of healthy, fertile soils in the video and explains what the sounds from the soil tell us.

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How agroecology is gaining momentum

Too complex, too time consuming, not implementable on a large scale – these are common prejudices against agroecology. Nevertheless, agroecology provides a convincing path to a sustainable food system. But one crux is how to fund it. How Biovision is now getting things moving.

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Beryl Atieno Munika, farmer from Kenya

How Beryl boldly took a chance and now is a role model for the youth. The success story.

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