Food security in rural Ethiopia

In southwestern Ethiopia, rural households are struggling with soil degradation and crop failures. Working together, they are taking measures to limit soil erosion and also to diversify their sources of income, in order to protect themselves from crises.

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“Everyone should earn something from the hibiscus tea”

The Zurich start-up Five Good Goods only sells products that the producers really earn money from – and stands for fair working conditions and prices.

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Agroecology comes into focus at the UN Food Systems Summit

Sustainably transforming food systems through agroecology was officially recognized by key actors at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit as one of the game changing solutions.

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Strengthening food systems transformation through agroecology

Join us for this interactive session on the 27th of July!

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“The agroecological approach is essential.”

Since its foundation 10 years ago, SAT has been able to enthuse thousands of farmers about the benefits of agroecological agriculture. In 2020, the ancillary social enterprise SAT Holistic Group created a market for women agroecological producers. In this interview, Alexander Wostry revealed the recipe behind SAT’s success. 

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Welcome to the Biovision foundation board!

Former Biovision Programme Officer Shruti Patel was elected to the Foundation Board at the end of June. In her new role, she will continue to support Biovision’s work and put first-class scientific research into practice.

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