“Many friends are better than one love”

Last year Musdalafa Lyaga from Biovision Africa Trust won a film award in Milan. Here you get to know him as a passionate radio producer.

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The Next Green Revolution

The magazine National Geographic has published an extensive article about the future of our agriculture. While representatives of agro-chemical industry propose we need more genetic modifications, Hans Herren and Biovision are also mentioned with their agro-ecological approach.

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For children of children…

Children’s eyes sparkle with wonder at this time of year as they behold the artistically decorated Easter nests and chocolate bunnies. These delicious sweets are extremely popular and the annual production of just the Golden Bunny is 140 million.

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Risk for humans and animals

Rift Valley Fever is caused by a virus and is transmitted by mosquitoes or air-borne infection. In Kenya, Biovision is providing information to local people and helping to develop an early warning system that will allow them to fight this dangerous disease.

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“I wish I were a hen …

I wouldn’t have much to do”; that was the refrain sung by the German group, the Comedian Harmonists in the 1930s. The tranquil world of chicken farming as it was almost 100 years ago has long since disappeared and been replaced by intensive factory systems.

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Organic farmer and TV star

Mkulima Mbunifu (The Smart Farmer) is the only farmer magazine in Tanzania in Swahili. Thanks to a reader who won a reality TV show, demand for the magazine has increased throughout the country.

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“Camels are the future”

Normally, north-eastern Kenya would currently have a rainy season. But more and more the rain simply does not come. By distributing camels to the locals, Biovision attempts to mitigate the problems of droughts.

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We want to learn even more!

For the International Women’s Day we are introducing a power woman with a big heart, intelligence and a green thumb. With lots of self-confidence she declares: “I can look after my family myself and this makes me proud!”

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Biovision assisting with strategies to combat invasive species in Africa

At the end of February, two experts from Biovision attended an international workshop at icipe in Nairobi, where together with 100 other participants they investigated concrete solutions.

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How can the fall armyworm be stopped?

How can the fall armyworm that rages in the maize fields of Kenya be stopped? There is a significant threat of crop failures and hunger. That is why international experts are looking for solutions at the icipe in Nairobi on 21-22 February. Biovision also has two specialists on site.

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