Heroes and heroines of everyday life

In Malindi, Kenya, malaria has been effectively reduced. Mosquito Scouts such as Riziki Ramadhan have played an important role in the control of this infectious desease.

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Partnership between CEAS and Biovision

The Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer and Biovision enter into a partnership. Together they aim to promote sustainable development in Africa even more.

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How malaria can be kept in check

The Biovision project "Stop Malaria" has shown: With a holistic, ecological approach, the malaria mosquitoes can be decisively decimated.

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Tomaten nachhaltig konsumieren

Roh, gekocht oder in verarbeiteten Produkten - überall auf der Welt konsumieren Menschen fast täglich Tomaten. Worum geht es bei einem verantwortlichen Konsum des «Goldenen Apfels»?

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Malaria quelled

In Malindi, Kenya, the high incidence of malaria has been significantly reduced - a great relief especially now, in times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Could this be the end of malaria?

Scientists of our partner organisation icipe in Kenya found a microbe in mosquitos that blocks the transmission of malaria.

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