Moving fate from Zimbabwe

During a project visit, Biovision reporter Peter Lüthi meets Erepina Mutasa, whose life story is moving. Already as a teenager, she had to drop out of school and earn money as a maid in the city.

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How agroecology can help food systems be more climate-resilient

Global food security is increasingly under threat. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable our food supply chains are. In the medium term, however, a changing climate, together with dramatic biodiversity loss, is the much bigger challenge.

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The tomato leaf miner – a nightmare for farmers in Kenya and Switzerland

The tomato leaf miner moth "Tuta absoluta", which originates from South America, became a nightmare for tomato producers worldwide within a few years. Luckily today, there are effective organic methods of pest control, as a visit to the tomato canton in Switzerland shows.

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A good reason to celebrate!

What started small 10 years ago has become a very big deal: Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), Biovision’s longstanding partner organization, was granted the prestigious One World Award. We are delighted for the international recognition of our friends in Morogoro – and also proud.

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Sealing Houses Massively Reduces the Risk of Malaria

As part of the “Stop Malaria” project, Biovision and its partner organization icipe tested a new method for malaria prevention. The method proves to be extremely successful.

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Wasps Save Africa’s Maize Harvests

The fall armyworm has spread across the African continent at an incredible pace and robbed millions of farmers of their livelihoods. Synthetic pesticides have proven to be ineffective, but rescue is now in sight: Biovision’s partner organization icipe has found an ecological solution to the plague this pest has created.

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