Can the food on our plates prevent future pandemics?

Despite the complex relationship between agriculture and diseases like COVID-19, a seemingly trivial choice – the food on our plates, and how it’s produced – can significantly influence the emergence of infectious diseases.

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Organic farming in Tanzania

In the Morogoro region, organic farming was able to establish itself - our partner organisation SAT played a central role in this.

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“The younger generation has realized: for us to have a future, things must change now”

Biovision CEO Frank Eyhorn on the role Biovision can play in transforming food systems – and where he sees reason for hope.

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Ingeniously simple

Covid-19 prevention is now being carried out as part of Biovision’s malaria prevention project – simply but effectively.

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Beacons of Hope

Is agroecology of any use against climate change? Are there any practical examples that point the way towards an ecological and sustainable future? Biovision has sought – and found some answers.

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