Agroecology helps against climate change

A new study by Biovision and FAO concludes that agroecology increases the resilience of farms against the consequences of global warming.

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Sapped, spent and washed out: We have depleted the Earth

The natural resources for the year 2020 have been used up – later than expected because of the coronavirus, but we are still living at the expense of future generations and biodiversity.

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The global sustainable development goals: Is Switzerland on track?

How will we know whether we have taken the right path towards achieving the UN sustainable development goals? SDSN Switzerland focuses on measuring success.

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World hunger continues to rise

The FAO World Hunger Report shows that ever more people are suffering from hunger. Hans R. Herren explains how agroecology can help achieve SDG 2’s aim for zero hunger.

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Healthy tomatoes

An invasive species of moth is threatening the livelihood of tomato farmers in Kenya. So many toxic substances have been used in the battle to control these pests that people are falling ill from their effects. However, ecological alternatives are available.

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"Sounding Soil sparked my curiosity!"

A piano teacher and a retired organic farmer from Schottikon ZH tried Biovision's Sounding Soil project – and for the first time in their lives, they heard the sound of the soil in their garden.

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