Knowledge creates food

Development is based on knowledge. Biovision promotes the development and dissemination of holistic solutions.

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#WorldFoodDay 2019

In order to improve global food security, we need more knowledge about what we can do in the global north to combat hunger in the world. In our video series on #WorldFoodDay we take a stand.

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Success in fight against hunger and poverty

Monica and Joseph Gatobu have done it! The couple, who have a small farm in Meru, no longer rely on food aid. By adopting organic methods of cultivation and finding new niche markets they have found a way out of poverty.

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A fatal attraction

Plants and insects communicate extensively with each other. For example, they send out mating calls and false promises, and this is the characteristic used by Push-Pull. How does the ecological pest control method Push-Pull work? An interview with our expert and a detailed info graphic show it.

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Swiss Television SRF presents Hans Herren in a documentation about "Swiss Success Stories"

Swiss television is showing a documentary about Hans Herren, the founder and president of Biovision. The first broadcast will take place on Friday 13 September at 9 p.m. (CET).

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