Did the paradigm shift take place in 2021?

At the end-of-year interview, Biovision President Hans R. Herren and Executive Director Frank Eyhorn take stock of the progress of the transformation of food systems

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Latest photos from Kenya

How are the camel herders of the Biovision project in Isiolo doing? Peter Lüthi and Christian Bobst were visiting Kenya and brought back news and breathtaking pictures.

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“The Swiss diet has a large global footprint. We have to change that!”

What is happening in Switzerland to change course for a just and sustainable food system? Interview with Biovision experts Carole Küng and Daniel Langmeier.

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New malaria vaccine gives hope – justifiably so?

Talk of a historic change in the fight against malaria: for the first time, the WHO is recommending the use of a vaccine. Has the disease finally been conquered?

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COP26: Biovision’s role

Biovision’s policy experts brought the latest findings on agroecology and climate to the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow.

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Summit: Regenerative Urban Farming

In Kenya the community of enthusiasts striving towards regenerative farming is rapidly increasing, especially in urban and peri-urban areas. The ShambaJijini Online Summit is supported by Biovision and brings together Kenyan pioneers to share knowledge, experience and personal stories.

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