Political Dialogue and Advocacy

Advocacy on the global stage: The Biovision “Political Dialogue and Advocacy” team is active internationally calling for changes to the political framework in favour of smallholder farmers and sustainable food systems.

Since 1998, we have promoted and supported the use of sustainable, agroecological solutions to alleviate poverty and improve food security in Africa. Our projects focus on developing regions in East and West Africa. In addition, we are actively engaged in advocacy and policy dialogues to strengthen the global policy framework for sustainable development and particularly sustainable food systems.

The project “A4A – Advocacy for Agroecology” is implemented by Biovision in collaboration with renowned experts in field of agroecology and research investments such as IPES-Food and the Institute for Development Studies (IDS). The project aims to upscale scientific and applied research about the potential of agroecology by analyzing current lock-ins and leverages. The evidence created is subsequently used for consulting with key decision makers from the donor and research communities. In a second workstream the A4A project is adressing the role of agroecology as a solution to adapt and mitigate climate change.

Policy and Advocacy Work of Biovision

The policy and advocacy team of Biovision combines thematic expertise about agroecology with relevant professional experience in advocacy and policy dialogue. Our team manages an in-depth knowledge pool about agroecology and uses it for targeted outreach and advocacy work. In past projects, we have successfully influenced decision makers on national and international levels and have driven them to change their priorities and strategies. The team at Biovision consists of professionals with background and experience in Environmental Policy, Agronomy, Biology, Geography and Environmental Sciences. The team builds on several years of experience in development cooperation work.

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