The Organic Farmer

"The Organic Farmer" (TOF) is the English version of the magazine for small-scale Kenyan farmers who previously had only very limited access to information on ecological farming. It is the only magazine for ecological farming in East Africa. Similarly unique is "Mkulima Mbunifu" (The Smart Farmer), the edition of TOF in Swahili. It is an independent farming magazine and is published monthly in Swahili.

Its financed by BioVision and is published monthly. The Organic Farmer editions are available to download and print on the Website Infonet-Biovision.

Infonet-Biovision is a website for small-scale African farmers. It provides relevant, publicly-available and locally adapted information free of charge on topics such as ecological farming, animal husbandry and health and the environment. All TOF-magazines are available on the Infonet website, listed according to search criterions. The Infonet website can be downloaded for offline use.