Transforming the Swiss Food System

Biovision advocates for national policy frameworks that are pragmatic and based on scientific evidence to facilitate a transformation towards a sustainable food system. For this purpose, Biovision is an active participant in networks such as Agrarallianz. Biovision is active in influencing Swiss agricultural policy post-2021 and supports popular initiatives that call for sustainable food systems.

Our engagement

In the project "Transforming the Swiss Food System," Biovision advocates solution-oriented and science-based political framework conditions at the national level that make possible the transformation towards a sustainable food system based on the vision of Agenda 2030. Biovision is pursuing the following objectives for this project:

  1. Establish the perception among decision makers and the public that the transformation promoted by Biovision is a necessary and well-founded basis for sustainable consumption and ecological agriculture;
  2. Politically advance a sustainable food system in Switzerland and abroad (approximately 50% of food is imported; keyword: negative impacts abroad, e.g. land consumption);
  3. Encourage decision makers in politics, business and society to adopt Biovision’s solutions for transforming the Swiss food system.

Working in networks

Through its long-term experience in policy dialogue, Biovision has developed a broad set of instruments proven to support solution-oriented dialogues between different actors in the food system, as well as expertise in organic agriculture and holistic solutions for a sustainable food system.

Biovision is recognized as an innovative, knowledge-based, and pragmatic organization in favor of a change of course towards an organic agricultural and food industry. Agenda 2030 is more central to our work than for comparable organizations.

To successfully transform the Swiss food system, Biovision works together with key players and sustainable networks:

  • Agrarallianz: Agrarallianz fosters dialogue to unite 19 organizations involved in food systems from the pitchfork to the dinner fork. It accompanies Swiss agricultural policy along the entire value chain. The aim of Agrarallianz is to make the entire Swiss food industry more sustainable.
  • Pesticide Reduction Alliance: The Pesticide Reduction Alliance brings together over a dozen organizations from agriculture, fisheries, water supply, and sustainable consumption. It advocates for substantially reducing pesticide use in agriculture in order to protect our soil, water, and forest ecosystems.
  • Palm Oil Coalition: The Swiss Palm Oil Coalition was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting the import of sustainable palm oil – especially within the framework of the free trade agreements with Indonesia and Malaysia – in order to prevent rainforest deforestation and human rights violations.
  • Platform Agenda 2030: This platform is an association of 40 civil society actors from the fields of development cooperation, environmental protection, gender, peace, sustainable business and labor unions. It is committed to consistently implementing Agenda 2030 in Switzerland. Biovision is one of the founding members.
  • Landwirtschaft mit Zukunft: Landwirtschaft mit Zukunft (Agriculture with a future) was launched by teenagers and young adults and brings together people who are striving for ecological, regenerative and climate-friendly agriculture in Switzerland. Like Biovision, they see organic agriculture as part of the solution to our current ecological and social challenges.

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