Sounding Soil


Soils that are alive make sounds – and soils that are cultivated in different ways sound different from one another. The research and art project “Sounding Soil” makes these sounds audible. Biovision uses “Sounding Soil” to sensitise the population, students, farmers and decision makers about sustainably managing soils. 


Stories from this project

It creaks and hums, slurps and scratches

Our soil is alive! This was the experience of around 200 participants in Biovision’s Citizen Science Sounding Soil project last year. The evaluation of the recordings resulted in some surprising findings. Read...

«Bodenwissen und –bewusstsein sollen wachsen»

Available in German and French only

Welchen Beitrag kann unsere Sensibilisierungskampagne Sounding Soil zu mehr Bodenwissen und -bewusstsein beitragen? Zum Start der Ausstellungstour 2019 sprachen wir darüber mit Claudia Maurer von der kantonalen Fachstelle Bodenschutz BE. Lesen...


Sounding Soil – Listening to the soil

How does it sound under the ground in Switzerland? At the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Sounding Soil was presented, which enables the public to experience sounds in the soil. The installation can still be seen in Bern until 25 November 2018. Sounding Soil is a multi-year campaign to raise awareness of soil issues. Read...