More Research for Agroecology

Researchers in the field in Kenya
Currently, systemic, agroecological research projects such as the Long-Term System Comparison, are still considerably underfunded. This project demonstrates the added value offered by agroecology compared with industrial agriculture.

The project from our Political Dialogue and Advocacy team aims to strengthen systemic research in agroecology. A study with renowned international partners analysed relevant cash flows and the most important points of leverage. Now, relevant researchers and funders must be made aware of the results and recommendations, plus the added value of agroecological approaches, to generate increased investment in agroecological research. In order to achieve this, we organise roundtables, using a multi-stakeholder approach for discussing how to strengthen this type of research. We facilitate field visits for decision makers so that they can experience successful agroecological examples at first hand. We have developed a tool that enables donors to compare project portfolios based on agroecological principles. Finally, we support the implementation of agroecology courses at universities in sub-Saharan Africa.


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