One Health

Our approach to combating epidemics

«One Health» In order to improve human health, the health of animals and the environment must also be promoted. This holistic approach is called "One Health". Biovision applies this holistic principle in the following projects:


New: Information system on diseases and droughts, Ethiopia

Shepherds are exposed to many dangers: Droughts, malnutrition and various diseases that affect both humans and their livestock. In this project (DPA-007) Biovision is developing a communication system with the Swiss Tropical Institute. The system collects information via mobile phone and warns the herders of disease outbreaks and in periods of drought provides information on the location of good grazing land.

New: Control of disease-carrying insects, Kenya

Insect-borne diseases such as malaria or sleeping sickness represent one of the greatest health risks for humans and animals. The innovative method of the project (DPH-003) uses cattle as a decoy, which are treated with environmentally friendly insecticide to control various disease vectors.