Food Security in Rural Ethiopia

Family with goats in rural Ethiopia.

This project uses two complementary approaches. Firstly, the project improves the fertility of degraded soils. To do this, farmers are using a range of techniques to improve the soil, e.g. building earthen banks to limit soil erosion, adopting the Push-Pull method or planting trees. Secondly, the project provides families with small animals such as goats and hens, bees for honey production, and training in vegetable cultivation. This allows farmers to diversify and earn an income from a variety of sources. 


Stories from the project

Treasure Trove

Since the discovery of our common ancestor “Lucy” in Ethiopia, we have known that humans were already in existence some 3.2 million years ago.  Less well known is the fact that Ethiopia is also one of the world’s oldest wheat growing areas and home to a particularly high number of different varieties. Read more.


With trees, you can earn money

Trees need time to grow and so the return on your investment is not immediate. However, in the medium and longer term, trees and fruit are a profitable business. They are also important for the environment and the micro-climate. Read more.


Step-by-step towards independence

Sunday, 17 January 2016 was a happy day for Hado Gemechu; it saw the birth of a baby goat on the farm – successfully completing her first step towards independence and an end to reliance on emergency aid. Read more.