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Past Events


Biovision-Frühlingsanlass am 18. Mai 2022

Verlieren wir den Boden unter den Füssen? Wie steht es um unsere Ackerböden? Gemeinsam mit Ihnen finden wir Antworten auf diese brisanten Fragen. Hier finden Sie das Programm.

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Annual conference of the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Sociology (SGA)

At the 28th and 29th of April 2022 Loredana Sorg talks at the Annual conference of the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Sociology in Frick. This years topic is "Evidence-based agricultural and food policy - Role of research for policy making"

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Food On All Tables

Climatcrisis adversely affects women's and girls' right to food and health. How can agroecology tackle climatechange? Webinar with contributions of exciting and experienced speakers, including Hans R Herren, President of Biovision Foundation.

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On the 26th of march TEDxIHEID hosts an event in Geneva with Frank Eyhorn as a guest speaker. The goal of TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) talk is to encourage the exchange between students and professionals sharing new and diverse paradigms to address contemporary challenges.

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ETH Zurich: Agroecology, The Way Forward

TUE 7 December , 6 p.m. CET, online: Public lecture by the World Food System Center of the ETH Zurich with Frank Eyhorn, CEO of Biovision.

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Agroecology Days

From 1 to 6 November 2021, agroecology will be experienced, understood and thought about in a colourful programme. Be part of it too.

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Symposium on 20 November 2021

Diversity – from field to fork

Get to know current Biovision projects that build on diversity instead of uniformity! A varied programme awaits you!

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Strengthening food systems transformation through agroecology

Join us for this interactive session to call for a food systems transformation through agroecology!

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Vortrag von Hans R. Herren: «So ernähren wir die Welt» am 15. April um 18:15 Uhr

Hans R. Herren nimmt an der Ringvorlesung der Universität Zürich mit dem Thema «Nachhaltigkeit jetzt!» teil.

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Hans R. Herren am World Organic Forum 18. März um 14:30 Uhr

Am diesjährigen online World Organic Forum spricht Hans R. Herren zum Thema: Die Umsetzung des Weltagrarberichtes und die SDGs: Wo stehen wir mit der Transformation des Ernährungssystems?

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Nachhaltigkeitswoche 2020 & Biovision

In diesem Jahr sind wir gleich an drei Universitäten mit Veranstaltungen präsent: in Bern, Genf und Zürich. Hier finden Sie alle Veranstaltungen auf einen Blick.

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Biovision Symposium 2019

Our traditional Biovision Symposium will take place this year on Saturday 16 November in Zurich at the Volkhaus. Development cooperation can only be successful with strong partners. Therefore the central theme of this years Symposium is the fruitful collaboration between Biovision and its partner organizations worldwide.

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Sounding Soil an der Scientifica/Zürich

Wie tönt der Boden? Vom Freitag 30. August bis Sonntag 1. September 2019 ist Sounding Soil Gast an der Scientifica der ETH Zürich (Thema: "Scientifica 2019: Science Fiction – Science Facts") Interessierte können dort in der Klanginstallation «Sounding Soil» dem Orchester des Lebens zuhören.

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Spring Event 2019 on Climate Change

The consequences of climate change are increasingly being felt. Once again, the poorest in the global South are existentially affected. But Switzerland is also challenged! At this year's Biovision spring event we let all generations have their say.


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Sounding Soil in Zurich

"Sounding Soil" makes life under our feet audible and tangible. The sound installation by Marcus Maeder is on display on the ramp of the Toni Areal until 8 March 2019. The walk-in installation with a 3D surround loudspeaker system invites to a sound journey through the ground: How does it sound when ground animals communicate? Does an ecologically maintained soil sound different than an intensively managed one?

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Film: Code of Survival - with Hans Herren

In the film series "Agriculture - Soil Farmers Bread" "Code of Survival" was shown at the Odeon Brugg on 14 February. Hans Rudolf Herren, founder of Biovision, was a guest on the podium talk.

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Biovision Symposium 2018

"20 years real help" - Our anniversary Symposium was held on November 17, 2018 in the Volkshaus Zurich.

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Sounding Soil – Listening to the soil

Can you actually hear grass growing? What does the earthworm say to the centipede when they meet beneath the carrot field? What is the difference in sound from a vegetable field with organic soil and one with conventional ones? Biovision is one of those listening carefully as it is using the installation “Sounding Soil” to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of our soils.

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Biovision Frühlings-Event 2018

There are people in Switzerland who are resolute in their response to the challenges of our time. While others talk about climate change, the ecological footprint or the limits of growth, they have long since implemented new solutions to old problems. At the Spring Event 2018 in Basel, a pioneering spirit was implemented.

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