Transformation of our food systems

Ten years after the World Agriculture Report, Biovision president and Co-Chair of IAASTD, Hans Herren and 40 other authors take stock. The book is a treasure trove for decision makers with responsibility across the food chain, NGO officials who need to keep up to date with the latest research and the wider public who want to understand the consequences of their food choices. It describes major food production trends and impacts since 2009, when the IAASTD report was first published. (The new book can be downloaded here as a free PDF.)

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Hans R. Herren: How to Nourish the world
(This book is also available in German.)

As part of the new series “rüffer & rub visionär”, Hans Herren outlines his vision of a world with enough food for all, produced by healthy people in a healthy environment. Using practical examples, he shows that the changes required to ensure the Planet’s survival are entirely feasible.

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Globi becomes an organic farmer and visits Africa
(This book is also available in French and German.)

In the latest book, Globi takes on the running of a farm on behalf of an elderly farmer and converts it to organic. When the swallows in the barn announce that there are organic farmers in Africa as well, he immediately hands over care of the farm to the faithful Globine and travels to Kenya. Here, he meets Barke, an innovative organic farmer. She shows him that African farmers are also using organic farming methods to defy the rigours of nature. When he returns home, Globi – as a "smart farmer" – introduces these organic methods on the farm. 

When the farmer returns, he is delighted with his organic farm and its happy animals. When his daughter agrees to take on the farm, the happy ending becomes even happier. "Globi, the smart farmer" is an entertaining adventure story. It is also an education for both young and old! 

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