Teresa Elgahmi-Maino

Core Position: Administration

"Ecological development is just as important in Africa as it is in Switzerland. I am proud to work for an organisation like Biovision, which is engaged in this field."

Teresa has been working for Biovision’s adminstration department since October 2010. She handles telephone calls and answers the questions of donors, members, and of organisations interested in collaboration. She also looks after the database and takes care of  many other tasks that arise in the office on any given day. Teresa enjoys the overview to all departments and contact with many interesting people and organisations that this work allows.

Teresa completed her academic studies at the University of Zurich with a major in History. Prior to beginning with Biovision, she worked for another development organisation. She particularly values that her work at Biovision corresponds with her interest in the cultures, ethnicities and languages of East Africa.  

Teresa spends a lot of her free time with her daughter. She would like to have more time to read: she is fascinated by English Literature from the end of the 18th to the middle of the 19th Century and by books on social, political and ecological topics.


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