Tanja Carrillo

Junior Program Officer, Policy Dialogue & Advocacy

Tanja received a bachelor’s degree in political science and communications from the University of Zurich and completed her master’s degree in global studies in Gothenburg, Sweden. For her master’s thesis, she travelled to Nariño, Colombia, to study peacebuilding activities of civil society organizations and how they support local smallholder farmers in transitioning from cultivating illegal crops to sustainable agriculture.

After two years in the Sweden, Tanja moved to Paris, where she completed an internship at the United Nations Environment Program and supported the coordination and implementation of the One Planet Network’s Sustainable Food Systems Program. After working on issues of climate justice and food sovereignty at a short research assistantship at the Environmental Sciences and Humanities Institute at the University of Freiburg, Tanja is now mainly responsible for external communication at the interface between policy and science in Biovision’s Policy Dialogue and Advocacy team.

Food is Tanja’s great passion. She once spent three months cooking for the 800 residents of a refugee camp in Serbia and regularly volunteered at the Refettorio Paris, a community kitchen that fights food waste and offers food service to people in situations of social vulnerability. She also enjoys strolling through markets while traveling by bike and discovering new dishes, which she then tries to recreate at home for family and friends.

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