Karin Fäh

Core areas: Finance and Accounts

“Over the years, my desire for a job that would allow me to do some good has become greater and greater. With my work at Biovision I can do something for sustainability and help improve opportunities for those living in Africa. Rather than maximising profits at the expense of others the aim is to optimise profit for the benefit of small-scale farming families in Africa and the environment”. 

Karin Fäh discovered her passion for figures when she was quite young. At school maths was her favourite subject and so it was only logical that when she embarked on a professional career, she chose finance and accounting. 

After working for several years in the legal and trustee sector, Karin joined a global US company and was responsible for their entire financial accounting – a business environment quite different from her current work. She would not have missed this experience but it did reinforce her wish to work for a not-for-profit organisation.  

Karin Fäh joined Biovision in 2016 and is responsible for finance and accounting. She has retained her flair for figures. Financial accounting, cost accounting and payroll are areas that bring together the whole range of business processes and which are then expressed in figures. Karin finds that fascinating. 

Karin spends much of her free time on her great passion – sculpting stone. Whether in her own workshop or in the sculpture school in Ticino, she seeks to expand her understanding of her favourite material. In addition, she enjoys walking in the great outdoors and yoga.


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