Dr. Matthias Geck

Programme Manager, Advocacy & Policy

“Biovision emphasizes the interrelation between people and the environment. This resonates with my personal ideals and background, motivating me to engage passionately in achieving our vision”

As a programme manager in the policy and advocacy team, Matthias focuses on strengthening the enabling environment for an agroecological transformation of the food system. The aim is to change policies and funding flows away from a system that destroys our natural resources to one that allows nature to flourish and give people the opportunities to enjoy a good life.

The interface between culture and nature is the red thread in Matthias’ personal and professional life. He studied biology at ETH and University of Zurich, specializing in ethnobotany. In both his Masters and PhD he focussed on harnessing traditional knowledge of indigenous people for sustainable, ecological and culturally appropriate development. During an MAS in development studies, he worked on permaculture, community forest management and climate change adaptation.

Also in his private life, Matthias enjoys exploring different cultures through slow travel and derives energy from being in nature, doing photography, gardening and a wide array of outdoor sports.


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