Human Health

The poor health of people in Africa impedes the economic development of the continent enormously. In Biovision’s projects, this problem is tackled, together with those affected, in a sustainable way:

  • Production of sufficient healthy nutrition, in harmony with nature, as a prophylaxis for health.
  • Combating the causes of infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue, filariasis and sleeping sickness using organic control of the transmitting insects.
  • Information on the causes of disease and training in the application of environmentally friendly countermeasures measures are provided to those affected.

Every year around 500'000 people die from malaria - most of them in sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria is one of the greatest obstacles to development in Africa. All prevention methods, including control of breeding sites, training and distribution of mosquito nets should lead to long-term protection of the people from malaria.


In the area of human health, the project region of Malindi in Kenya has recorded a drop 65% in the number of malaria mosquitoes and a 60% decline in the incidence of malaria. IVM is now an important element of the anti-malaria strategies of local authorities and regionally, the approach is being promoted by PAMCA, the Pan African Mosquito Control Association founded in 2013.