Animal Health

If animals become sick or die, this reduces agriculture production in Africa. Nagana, the deadly sleeping sickness in animals decimates milk supplies; the ploughs remain idle because there are no animals to pull them and so harvests plummet. The tsetse flies that transmit the disease can be successfully caught in environmentally friendly traps and so sleeping sickness can be controlled and yields increased significantly.

Biovision supports projects for the biological control of tsetse flies and also supports camel husbandry.

The successful control of the plague of tsetse flies in Luke in Ethiopia achieved major improvements in agricultural production and increased household incomes from US$ 15 to US$ 148 within five years.

In addition, Biovision is involved in animal health projects in arid regions. Since 2013, some 50 camels have been handed over to selected households in the District of Isiolo (Eastern Kenya); women’s groups have been trained in camel husbandry, milk production and camel diseases. In addition, a milk cooperative with 90 members has been established.