Peter Lüthi

Core areas: Communication, Public Relations, Campaigns, Photography and Project Documentation

"With BioVision I can live out two ideals at the same time: my connection to nature and my love for people."

When the days get longer, Peter Lüthi goes to the mountains. The communication and environmental specialist has already spent twenty summers in the Alps. He knows his stuff when it comes to herds of cattle, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys and sheepdogs. At the Landquart Agricultural Training and Advice Centre the former teacher ran courses in herding. But he also knows his wolves, bears and lynxes. For example, on behalf of WWF and working with active owners of small animals he tested the first flock protection project in Graubünden consisting of a range of measures to protect the animals from large predators. Together, they introduced the first dogs in Graubünden to protect the animals. Later, Peter Lüthi acted as a shepherd with 4 guard dogs practising for real in the area frequented by Switzerland’s first pack of wolves on the Calanda – with success. None of the 10 wolves made off with any of his sheep. 

Lüthi had worked previously for WWF for 17 years: five years as picture editor and environmental educator at their head office in Zürich and after that twelve years as environmental protection agent in Graubünden. There he was instrumental in saving famous landscapes such as Greina, Val Curciusa and Val Madris from destruction by reservoirs. In that capacity, his skills as coordinator and campaign manager combined with his experience in public relations and environmental policy were put to good effect.

After Lüthi had already travelled widely in Africa working on projects for WWF in Africa (Trans-Sahara, Sahel, Tanzania, Kenya, Senegal, Gambia), the request from Biovision to start the ball rolling and develop activities, came at the right time. “The realisation of the ideas of Hans Herren appealed to my pioneering spirit and my idealism.” explains Lüthi. As a freelancer, he started the first Biovision campaigns in Switzerland and projects in East Africa. He played a major role in setting up the organisation, was responsible for public relations and played a key part in fundraising activities.

Peter Lüthi still works as a freelancer for Biovision regularly visiting projects as a reporter. He provides text and photos for the Newsletters, website and presentations. “My commitment to nature conservation over many years and my practical experience in agriculture give me the necessary “adhesion” to work as a reporter for Biovision.

Since November 2020, Peter Lüthi has been leading the Communications team.


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