Fabian Kohler

Programme Officer Devolpment Projects

"What I like about Biovision is its integrated approach; this bridges the gap between field work, research and policy and ensures a focus on the development and strengthening of genuine solutions."

After graduating in geography and economics from Bern, Fabian took a master’s degree in the economics of sustainable development at the University of Basle where he mainly tackled policy issues relating to climate, water and food. In 2013, after doing some youth work and teaching, he secured a foothold in the field of development and cooperation and gained experience in administration, fundraising and project management.

In addition to his responsibilities as project officer for individual projects, Fabian’s main role at Biovision is to support the coordination of the various programmes. Whilst working for another Swiss NGO, Fabian worked on the development of an irrigation programme for small-scale farmers in Central America.

Fabian commutes from his home town of Bern where he is an active member of the soliTerre association, an organisation that promotes solidarity and direct contracts between regional producers and consumers. In addition, he is often to be found at the weekend market on a stall serving crepes.  The rest of his free time is spent cycling, cross-country skiing or swimming in the River Aare – and more recently the Limmat as well.  He also plays in a band and occasionally has time for somewhat loud and cheerful concert performances.


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