Sustainable consumption


Biovision is also a change-maker in Switzerland and is developing new ideas and projects in order to encourage and advocate sustainable consumption at home. The project “Sustainable Consumption” builds on the project “CLEVER – playful intelligent shopping”; it comprised an interactive travelling exhibition and a website. A new phase started in 2017 and it will expand the previous activities as well as CLEVER online. Project weeks will also be organised for schools and training provided for teachers. In addition, the activities will include information stands, lectures, panel discussions on issues relating to sustainable consumption.

Multi-generational and multi-cultural: CLEVER concerns all of us: Teacher Simone Strebel with two secondary-aged pupils from Pfaffechappe Baden.


Day in, day out, we make decisions on what to buy. At first glance, those decisions may seem insignificant but if we look at the larger picture we find that they are crucial for both humans and the environment. The project “Sustainable Consumption” uses examples of products available in Swiss supermarkets to show how to shop sustainably. Consumers learn how to change their shopping habits and so make a contribution to Agenda 2030.

The “Sustainable Consumption” project accords with the Biovision strategy until 2020 and is part of the new programme in Switzerland “Responsibility for the implementation of Agenda 2030”.


The 17,000 consumers in Switzerland, particularly young people and teachers who visit the CLEVER mobile exhibition, information stands and the CLEVER website or participate in guided tours, project weeks or other events. Indirect beneficiaries are the producers of local, ecological and equitably-manufactured products.

Objectives of current project phase

  • CLEVER exhibition: the exhibition will visit three more locations in German-speaking Switzerland, there will be 100 guided tours targeted at specific groups, both young and old. The content of the assessment spider chart will be revised. 
  • Website CLEVER online: Expand the product range, functionality and background information
  • Activities to raise awareness: Take the information stand to four different events and participate in two workshops or project weeks in schools


The mobile exhibition CLEVER opened in late summer 2011 at Zurich Zoo. Since 2012, the exhibition has travelled during the summer to various locations in German-speaking Switzerland. To date (as at the end of 2016 season), just under 42,000 people had visited the CLEVER exhibition at 16 locations; a total of 539 school groups had participated in guided tours and 11,180 different users had visited the CLEVER website.

A survey of visitors to CLEVER was carried out at the end of 2016. 89% of those surveyed said that they would wholeheartedly recommend the exhibition to others. 61% intended to modify their shopping habits following the visit.


The project raises the awareness of consumers to the global impact of their personal consumption and urges them to take responsibility for their choices. A decision to switch to ecological, equitably-manufactured products will contribute in the longer term to the desired changes in the course of agriculture sought by Biovision.