Annual Report 2015

We were able to make a significant difference in our over 30 projects in East Africa, which focus on strengthening skills that foster independence and self-sufficiency. At the same time, we could help people make a substantial improvement in their living conditions. Thanks to successful business development our growth spurt of recent years has continued, enabling us to invest 6.75 million Swiss francs in project work. We have succeeded in putting Biovision on a solid financial footing and positioning ourselves in the Swiss setting.

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Planning for Sustainable Development

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) involve all nations of our planet and they are all interconnected. So there is a complex planning process challenging policy makers if the goals are to be achieved. One important tool for this process is the Integrated Sustainable Development Goal Model (iSDG).

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Richard – driver and secret tree planter

Richard is the driver for our Ugandan partner in the reforestation projects and attends almost every training session. This has given him an excellent overview of the many different tree species and planting methods.

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Biovision Africa Trust receives Video Recording Equipment from Access Agriculture

The Farmer Communication Programme can now communicate across all media channels. The programme, which is supported by Biovision Foundation, has been communicating via TOF Magazine, TOF Radio, Outreach and Infonet and can now add videos to its tools for disseminating knowledge to farmers.

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Stories from Ethiopia

In our last story of this series, we present Ethiopia`s unique diversity of wheat varieties as well as its relevance for food security.

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