For the farmer, seeing is believing

Bekelech Tesfaye is feeding her cattle and all are watching. Her neighbours know that the young farmer has the highest milk yields in Asama and they also know why: Bekelech has the best animal feed and the best maize yields. Now, they all want that. A story for World Food Day …

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4 wins

The results of scientific research have for the first time proved the success of the holistic approach adopted by Biovision. The use of a diverse range of measures designed to improve human, animal, plant and environmental health is mutually beneficial. As a result of this synergistic effect, farming families have increased net incomes per head by 326 %.

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My father taught me to open my eyes

"My father has always loved farming. He is 72 years old, but the smell of the farm, the sounds from the barn, and the whistles of the breeze blowing through the plants still bring a smile to his face. Sadly, his love for the land is no longer enough to keep his farm going. Hard work on the farm does not guarantee success."

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Boundary markers and tree planting

The water shortages of 2016 in our reforestation project in Eastern Uganda have left their mark and the remaining saplings still have to reach the intended customers on time.

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European Parliament bans Monsanto lobbyists

Monsanto lobbyists will no longer have access to the European Parliament because of the company’s refusal to attend a parliamentary hearing into allegations of regulatory interference.

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