How can the fall armyworm be stopped?

How can the fall armyworm that rages in the maize fields of Kenya be stopped? There is a significant threat of crop failures and hunger. That is why international experts are looking for solutions at the icipe in Nairobi on 21-22 February. Biovision also has two specialists on site.

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Training farmers in Africa: Why do we do it?

Why is it so important for Biovision to train farmers in Africa? Surely, farmers are the best judge of what they have to do? After all, their current practices are based on knowledge and experience built up over many years and adapted to local conditions.

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”Exploit opportunities for sustainable development now”

How can Switzerland become sustainable in future? 250 decision-makers came together at the conference to launch SDSN Switzerland to develop tangible solutions.

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Organic grows world-wide

57.8 million hectares of organically cultivated land, an increase of 15% within a year, and a turnover of 90 billion dollars – the organic market grows world-wide.

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Tail up …

… but no water for the head! That is an accurate description of the situation currently facing the camel keepers in Isiolo County supported by Biovision. Although the current drought is putting a severe strain on the camels, they withstand it significantly better than other livestock.

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Effective implementation of the global Sustainable Development Goals!

Some 250 decision makers will meet in Bern on 15 February in order to drive forward implementation by Switzerland of the global Sustainable Development Goals, The conference is being organised by SDSN Switzerland. The network jointly managed by Biovision and the CDE at the University of Bern.

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Higher yields with soil microbes than with fertilisers

A new study of the Swiss Research Institute for Biological Cultivation (FiBL) and the University of Basel shows that soil microbes can increase yields significantly and much less fertilisers are needed.

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Indonesia: Respect human rights and nature - keep palm oil outside!

In a large coalition of Swiss environmental, human rights, consumer and farmer organisations, Biovision demands in a open letter to Johann Schneider-Amman, Minister for Economic Affairs, to keep palm-oil outside of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) being currently negotiated between Indonesia and Switzerland.

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Fungicides threaten our pollinators!

Fungicides are found to be the strongest factor linked to steep bumblebee declines, surprising scientists and adding to the threats to vital pollinators.

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Seven memorable months in Morogoro

During my seven-month visit, I was able to see for myself the work done by Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) in Morogoro and experience at first hand the daily life of smallholders in Tanzania.

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