Sounding Soil – Listening to the soil

Can you actually hear grass growing? What does the earthworm say to the centipede when they meet beneath the carrot field? What is the difference in sound from a vegetable field with organic soil and one with conventional ones? Biovision is one of those listening carefully as it is using the art installation “Sounding Soil” to raise the public’s awareness of the importance of our soils.

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Food security through knowledge

Far too little rain, depleted soils and on top of that hordes of pests decimating their harvests and threatening the food security of East African smallholders and their families. The Biovision “Infonet” provides them with the necessary knowledge and gives them the chance to produce enough food for themselves. World Food Day is on 16 October.

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Changing course is essential if we are to tackle climate change

How can the 1.5 °C goal still be reached? The CLARA report, to which Biovision also contributed, shows how make the shift.

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New farmer magazine in Kenya

20 years Biovision highlights. 2005 - Biovision funds the farmer magazine “The Organic Farmer” in Kenya. The magazine, published officially by ICIPE in Nairobi, was started by Peter Baumgartner, former Africa correspondent of the Tages-Anzeiger in Zurich. The magazine has been enthusiastically received, as Peter reports.

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Genf nimmt sich der Agenda 2030 an

Die «Fédération genevoise de coopération», die UNO, die Universität Genf und Biovision überlegen gemeinsam: Wie kann unsere Gesellschaft den Wandel zu einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung beschleunigen?

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Bee-keeping as a chance for orphans

20 years Biovision highlights. 2004: An orphanage in Kenya needs funding and so has been looking at new sources of income. It has opted for beekeeping. The work by Biovision goes even further and extends to preventive health care and a sound professional future for the boys and girls.

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