Bees not Roses: The Honey Cavalier

It is quite possible that our Valentine's Day roses were cultivated far away, perhaps in Ethiopia, where greenhouses are proliferating. But despite the growing floriculture industry of cultivated flowers in Ethiopia, one intrepid young man is not using roses to woo his fiancé, but bees.

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Organic grows worldwide

The demand for organic food is continuing to grow worldwide, more farmers are producing organically and organically cultivated land is expanding. These are the results of the latest edition of the study “The World of Organic Agriculture” with figures from 179 countries.

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Fertile soils instead of hors-sol as a better solution to hunger

Lauding hors-sol, or above ground cultivation, as the solution to feeding the world misses the point. This intensive form of food production is not only costly but also unsustainable, due to its often-considerable energy requirements. Compared to organic farming, hors-sol is sorely lacking as a solution to world hunger.

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8 Reasons Why we Need to Grow the FCP

The Farmer Communication Programme (FCP) has been running since 2005 – and has been a great success. With its multimedia transmission of information, the FCP ensures a continual exchange of knowledge and experience. Below we introduce eight areas where the project supported by Biovision has had a significant impact.

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Bird flu threatens Kenyan poultry

Bird flu imported to Uganda by migrating birds from Europe is now threatening Kenyan poultry as well. The Kenyan government has therefore banned import of chickens of chicken products from Uganda.

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