Research gaps filled

The results of recent research from two of the projects funded by Biovision have just been published. Not only do they fill important gaps but are also highly relevant to sustainable development.

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Success with IVM

On 25th April is World Malaria Day. Every year, almost 500,000 people still die from the tropical disease. For more than 10 years, Biovision has been working in East Africa on environmentally-friendly, sustainable malaria prevention – with success.

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Damning legal opinion on Monsanto

The five judges of the Monsanto Tribunal have presented their verdict on the agro-business. In addition to harsh words for the “accused”, they have also questioned the international legal situation.

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Improved market access helps reduce poverty

Alexander Wostry from our partner Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) presented the work of his organisation to Biovision and provided an insight into current projects and future challenges.

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Kenya hosts the first All Africa Post Harvest Congress

Some 600 delegates met in Nairobi this week for the first ever All Africa Post-Harvest Congress aimed at seeking solutions to reduce food waste and losses in the world’s poorest continent.

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