Reviving traditional knowledge

20 years Biovision highlights. 2014 - in the Tharaka Plain, east of Mount Kenya, communities face ever more frequent droughts. As part of their response to this threat, they are building on knowledge handed down from their forefathers and growing traditional, native varieties – with success.

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“Everything is huge here”

What did Kenyan organic farmer Margaret Karanja discover when she visited a biodynamic farm in Switzerland? We accompanied Margaret on a tour of the organic operations run by the Fintan Foundation in Rheinau.

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Rio+20: We keep going!

20 years Biovision highlights. 2012 - At its annual conference in Rome, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) took initial steps towards implementing the mandate it was given at the Rio+20 conference. Biovision was well represented at the talks. We are now seeking to ensure that the decisions taken at Rio are not watered down.

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National Councillor Maya Graf (BL) elected to Biovision Board

Maya Graf, Green National Councillor for Basel Land and an organic farmer has been elected to the Biovision Foundation Board. The election of Maya Graf provides us with the services of a highly qualified, well-connected and committed colleague,” said Biovision President Dr Hans Rudolf Herren with obvious pleasure.

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Camels not cattle

20 years Biovision highlights: Since 2011, Biovision has been promoting camels as livestock. They require very little water or extra nutrition. This guarantees food and income success for Kenya’s shepherds.

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Symposium 2018: The Awakening has Begun

At the Anniversary Symposium, Biovision reflected on 20 years of real help. The pioneers took a journey into its past with over 1,000 guests in Zurich’s fully-booked Volkshaus.

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