Survival should not be a tightrope act!

Preparation for an emergency

No insurance against extreme weather, no financial cushion and practically no help from the government: life for East African smallholder farmers is like walking a tightrope – without a net.

People in Ethiopia will continue to face crises in the future.

Resilience entails improving the ability to overcome crises and recovering more quickly afterwards. This is becoming increasingly important, particularly for the people of East Africa, as climate change has increased the frequency and intensity of crises. Strengthening resilience is an integral part of Biovision’s holistic approach based on the concept of agroecology.

It is applied, for example, in the Ethiopian district of Siraro, where the population suffers ever more frequently and severely from drought and flooding. It focuses on securing erosion-prone soil, improving water and food availability and creating diverse support mechanisms to help people better secure their livelihoods against a sudden loss of individual sources of income. The measures are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the local population.

Further information on the project in Siraro can be found here.


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This campaign enabled us to raise a total of CHF 793,310 to strengthen the resilience of farming families. Many thanks to all donors so far! Each donation counts!