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«Schweiz muss sich stärker engagieren»

13.02.2018 «Wir müssen [...] alle Beteiligten – Konzerne, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik – an denselben Tisch bringen», sagt Hans Rudolf Herren, Gründer und Präsident der Stiftung Biovision, im Interview mit «Der Murtenbieter».

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Interview with Hans Herren about Push-Pull

17.10.2017  Hans Rudolf Herren discusses ways to prevent harvest losses through ecological pest control methods like Push-Pull.

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29 March 2016: ‘What is new about the SDGs is that they encourage us to move away from a silo mentality'

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Push Pull: Flagship Project

02.03.2016 In its latest publication, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) presents Push Pull, an ecological method of maize production, as a flagship project from East Africa.


Organic beats conventional agriculture in the tropics

22.07.2016 Radio "Voice of America" reports on our long-term study in partnership with the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Kenya which shows that organic agriculture not only generates comparable yields, but also produces more income and health benefits for farmers than conventional methods. Report by Reuben Kyama. Listen

Modern beekeeping offers Ethiopian youth a sweeter future

22.03.2016 Story in Reuters about the spread of the Biovision project Modern Beekeeping in Tolay: The MasterCard Foundation will provide support to our project partner icipe to extend modern beekeeping throughout Ethiopia and so create 12,500 jobs for unemployed young people. Read the entire article

"Why shouldn’t a farmer make more than a lawyer?"

31.07.2015 Article on A distinguished speaker at the Milan World’s Fair, Swiss entomologist Hans Rudolf Herren says we can keep feeding the planet if we reform the world’s food processing system and value the work of small farmers.

The Real Costs of Cheap Food

July 2015: Interview with Hans Rudolf Herren in "Digital Development Debates": The hunger suffered by a huge percentage of the global population is still one of the most pressing issues facing development policy. Many people hope that increasing agricultural production might solve shortages – maybe with the help of fertilizers and pesticides. Hans R. Herren promotes a different approach. He argues that agricultural productivity is high enough already; it is more a question of how and where food is produced. Therefore, in his work he takes an agro-ecological approach and focuses on the importance of smallholder farmers in ending global hunger.

Bundesrat Johann Schneider-Ammann: Neuer Respekt nötig, damit alle satt werden

25.06.2015 Bundesrat Johann Schneider-Ammann betonte an einem Podium an der Weltausstellung in Milano vergangene Woche, dass Ernährungssicherheit weltweit ein wichtiges Thema sei und in den nächsten Jahren noch viel wichtiger werde. Und auch Biovision-Stiftungspräsident Hans Rudolf Herren hatte einen überzeugenden Auftritt.

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How a wasp saved the harvest

Swiss entomologist Hans Herren prevented millions of people from starving – without using chemicals to kill the predators that destroy crops. Now his focus on biological control has earned him the prestigious “Alternative Nobel prize.”

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