Agroecology Centre in Tanzania

Farmers stand on farmland and are being instructed by a teacher.
Farmers at a SAT training course in Morogoro.

Our partner Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) provides training in agroecological methods for farming and pastoral communities in order to increase yields and protect natural resources. SAT creates a range of opportunities for the processing and marketing of organic produce within a local market and stimulates a circular flow of income that could help to reconcile the conflicts between pastoralists and farmers.


Stories from this project

Corona in Tanzania: Training in hygiene included in organic agriculture courses

Tanzania is also increasingly restricting public life, which is why our partner organisation SAT is no longer able to run its organic farming courses as usual. And all this at the start of the farming season – but digital channels and creativity are helping. Read...

Überleben trotz Klimawandel

Available in German and French only

Auch für die traditionsbewussten Massai sind die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels deutlich spürbar. Ihr Vieh verendet, weil immer weniger Futter verfügbar ist. Lesen...


Talking not fighting

Land is in short supply in Tanzania. Settlements continue to grow; the smallholders have little land and the Maasai and their herds are increasingly reaching their limits. The result is armed conflict. Read...


Training to a high level

20 years Biovision highlights. 2017 - In Tanzania, the Training Centre for agro-ecology is now a destination of choice, benefiting farmers and like-minded organisations. Read...