Farmer Communication Programme

Biovision’s “Farmer Communication Programme” (FCP) is a multimedia package made to transfer newspaper, radio and internet information and personal advice in the field. FCP disseminates practical know- how on organic farming developed in the latest research. Valuable knowledge on disease prevention for humans and animals, environmental protection and income generation form integral components of the programme. FCP’s knowledge transfer programme sustainably improves food security and living.


"The Organic Farmer" (TOF) is the English version of the magazine for small-scale Kenyan farmers who previously had only very limited access to information on ecological farming. It is the only magazine for ecological farming in East Africa. Similarly unique is "Mkulima Mbunifu" (The Smart Farmer), the edition of TOF in Swahili. It is an independent farming magazine and is published monthly in Swahili.

TOF radio is a radio programme for small-scale farmers in East Africa. Every week, two seven-minute editions of the programme are broadcast on organic farming issues.

In its Advice in the Field project, Biovision gives farmers in rural areas of Kenya access to expert advice and training in ecological farming through the local information centres set up by the project. Experts also visit farmers in their remote home villages to answer questions and support the networking of farmer groups.

Infonet-Biovision is a website for small-scale African farmers ( It provides relevant, publicly-available and locally adapted information free of charge on topics such as ecological farming, animal husbandry and health and the environment. All TOF-magazines are available on the Infonet website, listed according to search criterions. The Infonet website can be downloaded for offline use.


In Africa, agriculture remains the main source of income for 80% of the rural population. However, agricultural production, and thus also food security, is compromised by a variety of factors, like for example climate change. Others include crop failures and post-harvest losses caused by plant pests, animal diseases as well as sickness amongst the farmers themselves. A further challenge is population growth and the associated increase in the demand for food. Ecological farming methods offer small-scale farmers simple, inexpensive ways to increase yields. However, in many regions of Africa the knowledge required to implement such measures is not easy to access and in some cases it is non-existent. The FCP provides support in the form of practical know-how on ecological agriculture far removed from the world of expensive artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides. The FCP also includes as standard valuable information on disease prevention in humans and animals, environmental protection and income generation. The Biovision programme of knowledge dissemination is designed to bring about sustainable improvements in the food security and living conditions of small-scale farmers in East Africa.

Stories from this project

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Biovision setzt mit seinem Programm zur Wissensverbreitung mehrere Grundsätze der Agrarökologie um: Wir ermächtigen Kleinbauernfamilien, ihre Ernährung und ihr Auskommen zu verbessern und ihre Umwelt zu erhalten.
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