Agroecology Seminar

  • credits: Dendry Hellen Akoth Oswago
  • credits: Koech Enock, Twitter
  • credits: Moni Roses, Twitter
  • credits: Kanweri Christine, Twitter

The effects of climate change, depleted soils, disease and pest infestation and missing support are key challenges for smallholder farmers in East Africa. Awareness that a profound transformation of food systems is needed to solve these problems is also growing in many African countries. For this transformation to succeed, "change makers" are needed.

Since 2009, Biovision has therefore been supporting university agricultural seminars on agroecology in East Africa. They enable students from different disciplines to gain a more holistic, systemic view on environmental, agricultural and nutritional issues. While the venue and implementing university vary, all courses achieve the same effect: graduates know the challenges and opportunities of sustainable agriculture from theory and practice, understand interrelationships in food systems and take this experience with them on their professional careers.

For example, in the International Training Course on Organic Agriculture (ITCOA), 50 students from East African universities receive an in-depth insight into the diverse potentials of smallholder organic agriculture in a two-month intensive course that spans several countries. Building on the theoretical examination of ecological approaches, the students put their knowledge into practice within the framework of participatory investigations and field placements. In addition, the "Agroecology and Agrobiodiversity Training Course", which emerged from ITCOA, could take place in Kenya for the first time in 2021.

As part of a study in cooperation with GIZ, Biovision is investigating in 2022 which training formats similar to ITCOA or AATC already exist in African countries and how they can be better promoted.

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