Tsetse Fly Control

The tsetse flies are caught in coloured odour traps. The blue colour and smell from the cattle urine attract the flies.

The tsetse fly transmits sleeping sickness to humans and animals. The disease weakens cattle so much that they can hardly be used in the fields, produce less milk and meat, or even die. Biovision promotes the control of the tsetse fly through an ecological “push-pull” approach: cow collars scented with waterbuck serum repel the flies from the animals, while colour and scent traps attract and kill the flies. The strong involvement of schools and village communities ensures that the local population sustainably supports these measures.



Stories from this project

Real help in Tolay, Ethiopia

Good health is our greatest asset. It is crucial not just for individual well-being but also for a country’s workforce and its overall prosperity. This was clear from the results of a pilot project from 2006–2017 involving Biovision, icipe (International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya) and affected communities in the Ethiopian district of Tolay. Read more.