Long-term System Comparison

Two fields cultivated by different methods were tested.
Case studies show which effects different cultivation methods have on the quality, quantity and shelf life of crop yields and on soil fertility.

This long-term project compares conventional with organic agriculture and provides robust, scientific evidence of the contribution that organic farming can make to improving food security and reducing poverty. It is part of a global study coordinated by FiBL, the Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture. 


Stories from this project

Josephine Ithiru: «Organic is the way to go»

Strong Women: She is one of the beneficiaries in the long-term system comparison in Kenya, where more than 200 farmers benefit directly from agricultural experimentation and training. Read...


Biovision approach validated

20 years Biovision highlights. 2016 - The long-term study in Kenya by FiBL, the Research Institute of Organic Study has shown that organic farming methods can achieve comparable yields to conventional methods. It can also increase the incomes of farmers in the longer term. Read...