The Next Green Revolution

The magazine National Geographic has published an extensive article about the future of our agriculture. While representatives of agro-chemical industry propose we need more genetic modifications, Hans Herren and Biovision are also mentioned with their agro-ecological approach.

And a real highlight is the interview with Janet Maro who runs Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), which has been supported by Biovision since its foundation in 2009. Apart from the interview, the article also describes in detail how SAT is educating small-holders. “Most of the food in our markets is from small farmers,” Maro is quoted in the article. “They feed our nation.”

The article gives a good overview about the current discussions on the future of agriculture. The challenge of climate change, particularly in developing countries in sub-Sahara Africa and in south-east Asia, is given a lot of attention.

Link to the article in National Geographic