What motivates you to donate to Biovision?

In November we asked donors to participate in a survey to find out how they perceive our work and why they support Biovision. The survey was conducted as part of a project with master students of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). Over 1200 responses, including answers, criticisms, praise and ideas, provided insight into what is important to our donors and how we can make our work even better. 


By Sabrina Nepozitek, Public Fundraising Biovision

Overall, donors are very satisfied with Biovision: with an overall grade of 4.7 out of 5 (5= very good, 1= very bad), you expressed great praise for our work. We achieved equally good scores for the general demands you have for nonprofit organizations. We scored particularly well in terms of trust, innovation and impact, where your evaluations of Biovision (dark green bar) even exceeded your general expectations for charity organizations (light green bar).

We promote sustainable, ecological methods and work with knowledge-based solutions in our projects. In Kenya, for example, we are conducting a project for long-term system comparison to investigate the advantages of organic agriculture and compare them with conventional methods in agriculture.

Your responses indicated that we have potential for improvement, particularly in terms of transparency. You can find annual and audit reports for deeper insight into our foundation’s activities on our website. One of our future goals is to provide better information about the impacts of our project work. 

Our holistic approach (which includes human, animal, plant and environmental health plus knowledge transfer) is a substantial reason why many donors support Biovision. Equally decisive is that a large portion of the donations flow directly into projects. 80 per cent of donations are directed straight to our projects in East Africa, Switzerland and internationally. 20 per cent are allocated to administration, fundraising and communication. Biovision thus fulfils the requirements of the Zewo Foundation, the certification body for nonprofit organizations in Switzerland, which requires at least 65 per cent of the funds raised to be used for project work. 

The fact is: we are dependent on your contributions to develop and support projects which enable small farming families in East Africa to have sustainable, healthy and sufficient food. Finally, we wanted to know from you whether Biovision will still be relevant in 20 years. Over 900 donors answered with a yes. “We also believe that Biovision will still exist in 20 years because an agro-ecological transformation is only just beginning today. Poverty, hunger, climate change and biodiversity loss will unfortunately continue to challenge us for some time to come”,  summarizes Biovision CEO Frank Eyhorn

Selections from your responses: