Protection through entrepreneurship for Kenya's last rainforest

Clearing to gain new agricultural land or the extraction of building timber and firewood endanger the last rainforest in Kenya. The rapid population growth increases the pressure to intervene before the Kakamega rainforest has disappeared. An innovative project by icipe and Biovision shows a way out of this dilemma.

 By Daria Lehman, apprentice in development cooperation

The Muliru Farmers Conservation Group (MFCG for short) is an association of 360 smallholder families living and working on the edge of the Kakamega rainforest. Created 20 years ago, on the initiative of the local population, the group aims to reduce the economic pressure on the rainforest through the commercial cultivation of medicinal plants. In the meantime, the Group has established the Muliru Farmers Conservation Group Enterprise, which combines traditional knowledge of medicinal plants with modern technologies. For example, the company produces the healing balm Naturub. MFCG is project partner of icipe and Biovision. To the project »


Case Study - Flyer

Daria Lehmann, intern at icipe, has created a flyer about the project, which you can download here. In her blog Daria talks about her experiences during her internship and about life in Kenya.