[Hans Rudolf Herren

Hans Rudolf Herren: "People in Africa can feed themselves if we only give them the chance. Training, access to information and fairer trade are pillars of help for self-help."


Photo: © Biovision/Peter Lüthi 

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The Situation for Farmers

Latest studies show farmers to be the greatest losers when it comes to landgrabbing. There are frequent conflicts over land use rights and landgrabbing hinders the productivity of African farmers' natural foundation for survival.

Photo: © Biovision/Peter Lüthi


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Hans Rudolf Herren

«My work and my life are filled with the wish that all people can live in a healthy environment and have enough food to eat», Hans Rudolf Herren, Winner of the World Food Prize, Founder and President of the BioVision Foundation.

Foto: © BioVision/Stephan Gisi


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