Listen to living soil. Sounding Soil brings alive and makes audible the diversity of life beneath our feet.  The art project is an inter and trans-disciplinary research project to increase our understanding of soil ecosystems.  Biovision is using the project to draw attention to the increasing threats to soil, one of our basic resources.

Picture: © Biovision / More photos, video and sound material on Sounding Soil can be downloaded from here.

Monica Gatobu and her husband Joseph have found a way out of poverty: They achieved that by using high-quality compost to improve the soils, adopting the latest techniques in organic farming and cultivating and selling indigenous varieties.

Picture: © Peter Lüthi/Biovision

Project Push-Pull

Agnes Ambubi, farmer, Ebukanga Village, Kenya: „In the first year with Push-Pull I could increase my maize yield from 20 to 70 kilogramme – in the second year I already harvested 280 kilogrammes. With it I could feed my family and send all three children to  school.“

Picture: © Biovision

Mit dem Projekt zur Wiedereinführung von Kamelen in semiariden Zonen Ostafrikas hilft Biovision, ein Modell zur Linderung der Folgen von Dürren zu entwickeln. Kamele sind robuster gegen Dürren als Rinder und Kleinvieh. Sie können mit Blättern von Dornensträuchern überleben und im Extremfall 14 Tage ohne Wasser auskommen. Zudem ist Kamelmilch sehr nahrhaft und enthält ca. viermal mehr Vitamin C als Kuhmilch.

Foto: © BioVision/Peter Lüthi

Hans Rudolf Herren

"My work and my life are filled with the wish that all people can live in a healthy environment and have enough food to eat", Hans Rudolf Herren, Winner of the World Food Prize, Founder and President of the BioVision Foundation.

Picture: © Biovision/Peter Lüthi


Using concrete examples, visitors learn how the goods they buy can encourage environmentally and socially sustainable development throughout the world. The evaluation of choices is easy to understand and clearly shows that individual consumer behaviour can influence our environment and our society.

Picture: © Peter Lüthi/Biovision

Purchases are analysed at the checkout. The  barcode  reader  scans  the  products and  the  product  rating  is  then  displayed on the screen.

Picture: © Peter Lüthi/Biovision