Optimistic atmosphere at the 2019 Biovision Symposium

Tina Siegenthaler said it best: "This is so powerful!" The young organic farmer and environmental activist from Dietikon, Zurich, said after the event, "800 people pulling together for the same cause - that makes a big impression.”

Florian Blumer, Editor

  • Productive collaboration: Loredana Sorg, Biovision Programme Officer und Workneh Ayalew, icipe project coordinator in Ethiopia.
  • A partnership with heart: Rachel Owino of icipe Kenia with Stefan Diener, Programme Officer at Biovision.
  • David Amudavi, CEO of Biovision Africa Trust, looked back on 10 eventful years of Biovision's sister organisation at the symposium.
  • Fruitful exchange: Symposium guests met Biovision staff in the entrance area of the Volkshaus in Zurich.
  • Tina Siegenthaler, organic farmer and environmentalist, Maya Graf, Swiss member of parliament und Biovision board member exchange views with climate activist Marie-Claire Graf.
  • Project reporter Peter Lüthi presented the Biovision calendar 2020.
  • Handover: After 20 years, CEO Andreas Schriber (right) leaves Biovision, on the 1.1. 2020 Frank Eyhorn takes over.

The Biovision Symposium at the Volkshaus Zurich on 16 November, 2019, created an optimistic atmosphere. Under the topic of partnerships, representatives of icipe and BvAT reported on their cooperation with Biovision.

What is the cooperation with Biovision like?

Engaged Discussion - Emotional Farewell

During a podium discussion, Biovision President Hans R. Herren and Federal Parliamentarian and Biovision Foundation Board Member Maya Graf spoke with young activists about the ecological movement’s current upsurge and the opportunities that agroecology can offer. As a closing, Andreas Schriber was given an emotional farewell by his employees. The long-standing CEO and co-founder of Biovision will move on to the African partner organisation BvAT on 1 January 2020. Dr. Frank Eyhorn, an esteemed agroecology expert already known at Biovision through previous cooperation, will take his place.