One-on-one advice for farmers

Ruth Mutete Mutisya, consultant in Biovision's "Farmer Communication Programme" (right) informs farmers at the agricultural fair in Machakos (Kenya) in a committed and competent manner.

The Biovision Africa Trust stand at the agricultural fair in Machakos Town gives authoritative answers to the trickiest of questions.

From Peter Lüthi, Biovision

Ruth Mutete Mutisya stands in a white work coat behind a sack of compost, farmers' newspapers, and a laptop. She is a consultant for the Farmer Communication Programme FCP at the Biovision Africa Trust (BvAT). Biovision's sister organization in Kenya is responsible for delivering old and new knowledge about organic farming to interested people.

At 43 years old, Ruth knows the worries and needs of small farmers from her own experience. She and her husband cultivate various types of beans, peas, maize and vegetables on two hectares of land. They produce bananas, mangos and avocados and raise four cows, ten goats and five rabbits. Mrs. Mutisya  was trained by BvAT as an agricultural consultant and knows a great deal about compost, organic pesticides, soil cultivation, water management and crop protection against pests.

Comprehensive information in a small format

While visitors to the BvAT stand let the Bokashi compost enriched with EM (Effective Microorganisms) trickle through their fingers, they receive instructions for its production and application and answers to their questions. If Ruth's knowledge does not suffice, she reaches for her smartphone or laptop. This is where the entire content of the "Infonet", Biovision’s Wikipedia for farmers, is stored. This gives the consultant access to all relevant information, as well as images and graphics, even without an Internet connection. "Visitors have many tricky questions," says Ruth Mutete Mutisiya. It is very reassuring for her to have an encyclopedia of scientifically tested information at hand.

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With Ruth Mutete Mutisiya at the agricultural fair in Kenya: