Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />



Biovision Newsletter no. 25

Zurich, 10 December 2012: Rio opens up new opportunities - We keep going!

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A farmer helps fight poverty – The Organic Farmer, November 2012

Nairobi, 1 November 2012: Patrick Wawire used to be like any other farmer in Kenya: Producing just enough to feed his family and struggling to pay his childrens’ school fees. How Wawire was able to improve his situation, you will learn on our Blog.

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Zurich/Rome, 18 October 2012: The undersigned call upon all governments and other actors to give priority to small-scale and family-led agroecological farming (environmentally and socially sustainable agriculture such as organic, ecological ), as the key strategy to build climate change resilience, enhance food and nutrition security as well as food sovereignty, restore and protect ecosystems services, biodiversity, animal welfare, rural livelihoods and support the right to food.



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Article of Hans Rudolf Herren on the occasion of World Food Day

On World Food Day, it is necessary to affirm again that

genetically-modified crops and animals are a dangerous and

irresponsible distraction when it comes to food and nutrition

security, as well as sustainable and equitable development,

writes Hans Rudolf Herren in the Indian Newspaper "The Statesman".

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Award for Biovision honeybee project

A Biovision Foundation honeybee project has been awarded third prize at the international honey and bee fair "ApiExpo Africa" in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Entrants from Africa, Canada and Europe competed for the coveted awards.

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Africa: Giving Women Farmers the Tools to Prevent Food Insecurity

If women had equal access to productive farming resources, they could increase their yields by 20 to 30 percent and potentially raise total agricultural output in developing countries by 2.5 to four percent.

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Biovision Foundation granted UN Consultative Status

Biovision Foundation is the first Swiss foundation to be granted general consultative status by the United Nations. This allows Biovision to participate at UN-conferences and take an active part in the discussions and organise side-events to lobby for its cause.


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Annual Report 2011

We can look back on a successful year. In 2011 Biovision continued to expand its project activities: 32 projects were implemented, for a total of over 3.5 million francs. That is more than ever before.

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Hans Herren on www.unep.org

Hans R. Herren about the perspectives on the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in an article published by the UNEP. He writes: "The problems are identified, possible pathways to solve them exist - let us start to change policies and structures that have misconstrued agriculture and the whole food system for over fifty years."

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Stop DDT

On 30th November 2011 the peer-review Journal "PLoS ONE" published a study that is an important milestone in our long term campaign for a ban on the insecticide DDT and implementation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives in the fight against malaria.

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Biovision Blog

Interview of the week with Dr. Jeremiah Akumu, Camel Expert in Kenya for Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (VSF), one of Biovision’s partner organisations.

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„International experts place sustainable agriculture at the core of the Green Economy“

Blog about the Biovision / swissnex Boston event with Hans Rudolf Herren

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Biovision Annual Report 2010

We are pleased to present our 2010 Annual Report with Biovision's current operating figures. Its pages also provide an exciting view into our trendsetting projects and a comprehensive insight into the activities of Biovision.

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Help for farmers via mobile phone and internet

Workshop on Mobile and Web Technologies in Social and Economic Development:

4th and 5th June 2011, Dar es Salaam (Tansania), with participation of Biovision.


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Biovision in the media

Interview with our CEO Andreas Schriber in the "Schweizer Illustrierte Grün", only available in German

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Poster Award (17/02/2011)

Poster Award on Innovative Alternatives to DDT used for Malaria Vector Control


organized by Biovision

supported by the Global Alliance for Alternatives to DDT and

sponsored by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


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First Biovision Advertising Campaign

First Biovision Advertising Campaign

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Biovision on the radio

Biovision on the radio

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World Food Day 09.10.09

Event for World Food Day with Hans Rudolf Herren, Friday, 9th of October 2009.

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Securing World Nutrition: The Contribution of Organic Farming and Genetic Modification

H.R.Herren in Person: Securing World Nutrition: The Contribution of Organic Farming and Genetic Modification

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Nun ist Weihnachten schon wieder vorbei. Biovision schenkt Ihnen nachträglich eine schöne Geschichte aus dem Kayunga-Distrikt in Uganda.

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