Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />



Frank Eyhorn appointed new CEO of Biovision

At its July meeting, the Foundation Board elected the successor to Andreas Schriber, who has been CEO of Biovision since 2003.

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"I have the mango fruit flies under control"

For years, farmers in sub-Saharan Africa feared for their mango harvest. The reason: The fruit fly. While they let the mangos rot on the tree, the icipe and Biovision found little heroines to stop the fruit fly.

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The female beekeepers of Dehana

Gender equality is also of great importance to Biovision in the bee project in Dehana, Ethiopia. Nevertheless, there are still high hurdles for women in their daily work.

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Highlights from our anniversary year

Who would have thought 20 years ago that one day so much attention would be given to ecology and a healthy environment? Our Annual Report 2018 has been published!

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Sweet temptation: A field report

The project "Beekeeping for Young Companies" has given young women and men in Sekota, Ethiopia, new hope since 2018. The holistic, entrepreneurial approach is intended to improve the ecological balance and combat rural outmigration and poverty. Nina Zenklusen, Marketing & Fundraising employee, was on site.

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Thanks to bees hope for a better future

Today is World Bee Day. Find out how young women and men in Ethiopia have a chance for the future thanks to modern beekeeping.

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Climate protection reaches schools

The Kantonsschule Büelrain wants to become the first climate school in Switzerland. And limits itself to reach its goal.

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Malaria Day 2019: More knowledge, less mosquitoes.

In Malindi, the risk of malaria for the population has decreased significantly. The model project of Biovision, icipe and KEMRI shows that the deadly disease can be controlled with environmentally friendly means.

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Cooperation creates synergies

With One Health, Biovision takes the biological similarity between humans and animals into account. The health of the two is closely linked. Learn more about this approach that saves time and money.

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New partnership with great innovative potential

The Swiss Tropical Institute (SWISS TPH) and Biovision are now project partners. Simon Gottwalt, molecular biologist and project officer at Biovision, presents the new joint project "One Health" in Ethiopia.

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New engagement in East-Africa as of 2020

Andi Schriber, CEO of Biovision for many years, will transfer his activities to the further development of our sister organisation Biovision Africa Trust.

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Healthy animals, healthier people

Pastoralists in Isiolo County (Kenya) live cheek by jowl with their animals – a closeness that brings with it risks to human health.

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The value of biodiversity

Why preserving soil diversity can save us from the next famine.

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Climate change is global

Biovision Spring Event 2019: The consequences of climate change are increasingly being felt. Once again, the poorest in the global South are existentially affected. But Switzerland is also challenged!

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Protecting Kenya’s agriculture from climate change

To protect against negative consequences of climate change, Biovision and its partners are launching a platform in Kenya for integrated solutions for agriculture.

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SDSN Switzerland Assembly 2019

Members and partners met in Bern end of January to discuss how we as a community of researchers and practitioners can collectively work together on meaningful solutions to achieve the SDGs in Switzerland in 2030.

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Good examples make a difference

Charlotte Pavageau from the Political Dialogue & Advocacy team shares her impressions and experiences during the 2nd Global Conference of the "One Planet Network" Sustainable Food Systems Programme held in Costa Rica at the beginning of February.

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One-on-one adivce for farmers in Kenya

The Biovision Africa Trust stand at the agricultural fair in Machakos Town gives authoritative answers to the trickiest of questions.

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Biovision Africa takes lead for Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture

Organic farming in East Africa receives even more support: our sister organisation Biovision Africa Trust was awarded the contract by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to set up a Knowledge Hub for Organic Agriculture.

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First the soap, then the school.

At first glance the soap production and the forest school do not have much in common. But the soap improves hygiene in the village, health and interest in the village group. Whoever joins it soon learns about the forest school in Mpigi and the opportunities for further education there.

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Agriculture: Offender and Victim

A hot summer, discussions at the WEF in Davos or student strikes: everyone is talking about climate change and it is widely acknowledged today as an immense challenge. Biovision is looking for solutions in the field of agriculture. The focus is on agroecology.

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From Darkness to Light

Ten minutes before eleven o’clock, Tausi Maginila and her companion Madogo Issa arrived at the market in Mkujuni – far too late to buy vegetables. That didn’t bother the Tanzanian farmers, who had arrived for a photo shoot.

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Agroecology Infopool Website

Near the end of 2018, Biovision’s Policy and Advocacy Team launched the Agroecology Infopool Website. The platform combines current knowledge with exemplary methods and projects from the field of agroecology and serves as a reference hub to set the foundation for a common understanding of what agroecology can and should be.

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The Lopus family and honey

In spite of their success, Mrs. and Mr. Lopus continue to live a simple life in the bush and to work with care. They invest the profits from the lucrative honey business carefully. They provide all children with a complete education - also the girls.

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Start Fair Traders: February 14, 2019

How can fair working conditions and organic production be combined with the cost pressure of a free market economy? "Fair Traders" shows the story of three protagonists with three successful approaches: Production of organic cotton in Tanzania and India, organic farm with village shop in Switzerland and production of zero waste clothes in Germany.

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