Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />Push-Pull. In practical training they share their knowledge: from farmer to farmer." />



“I can even smell my ground!”

How two farmers in Kenya made their soil fertile again – thanks to participatory research.

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Re-Thinking Food: Why we need a different food system - TEDx-Talk, organized by IHEID,

Biovision CEO Frank Eyhorn argues that food is currently one of the most powerful levers for changing things for good (direct link to the video on Youtube).

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“Be prepared to get your hands dirty”

From the desk to the field: students at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, were able to experience first-hand what it means to do agriculture sustainably.

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What the sounds of Swiss soils bring to the surface

Anna Schöpfer, Project Manager at Programme Switzerland, presents the importance of healthy, fertile soils in the video and explains what the sounds from the soil tell us.

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How agroecology is gaining momentum

Too complex, too time consuming, not implementable on a large scale – these are common prejudices against agroecology. Nevertheless, agroecology provides a convincing path to a sustainable food system. But one crux is how to fund it. How Biovision is now getting things moving.

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Beryl Atieno Munika, farmer from Kenya

How Beryl boldly took a chance and now is a role model for the youth. The success story.

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Thriller in the cornfield

Within arable fields and soils rages a battle to the death. At least in the push-pull fields of East Africa, beneficial insects are gaining the upper hand over pests.

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Our live(lihood)s depend on the soil

The soil beneath our feet forms the basis for life, food production and biodiversity. Public awareness of the importance of this key resource is meager, however.

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Best of 2021: A good reason to celebrate

What started small 10 years ago has become a very big deal: Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT), Biovision’s longstanding partner organization, was granted the prestigious One World Award.

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Best of 2021: The seminar on organic agriculture has more than inspired

The seminar on organic farming (ITCOA) could also take place last year. We asked the participant Dendry Hellen Oswago (age 22) a few questions about the ITCOA seminar, which the young woman gladly answered.

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Best of 2021: Honey flows despite unrest, Corona and locusts

It was another hard year for the participants of the Biovision project “Bees for Young Entrepreneurs” in Dehana, Ethiopia. But those responsible on the ground have managed to keep the successful project on track.

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Best of 2021: More resilient food systems thanks to agroecology

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable our food supply chains are. In the medium term, however, a changing climate, together with dramatic biodiversity loss, is the much bigger challenge.

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Best of 2021: The Federal Council's strategy on the 2030 Agenda is ineffective

Carole Küng, co-director of the "SDSN", calls for increased Swiss commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Best of 2021: Syngenta pesticides in Kenya

A study about the spread of highly hazardous pesticides in Kenya from Silke Bollmohr, an ecotoxicologist and agricultural advisor in East Africa, startled politicians and the population – and triggered a movement.

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With Camels Out Of Poverty

Women in Isiolo County take their lives into their own hands. An animated photo story on Youtube about two camel keepers who support their families with the proceeds from milk sales.

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Did the paradigm shift take place in 2021?

At the end-of-year interview, Biovision President Hans R. Herren and Executive Director Frank Eyhorn take stock of the progress of the transformation of food systems

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Latest photos from Kenya

How are the camel herders of the Biovision project in Isiolo doing? Peter Lüthi and Christian Bobst were visiting Kenya and brought back news and breathtaking pictures.

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The Biovision Symposium 2021 was all about diversity

Diversity - from field to fork - enhances food security and livelihoods in Africa. This was impressively demonstrated in our Symposium with guests and examples from Kenya and Tanzania. Watch the recording now.

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“The Swiss diet has a large global footprint. We have to change that!”

What is happening in Switzerland to change course for a just and sustainable food system? Interview with Biovision experts Carole Küng and Daniel Langmeier.

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New malaria vaccine gives hope – justifiably so?

Talk of a historic change in the fight against malaria: for the first time, the WHO is recommending the use of a vaccine. Has the disease finally been conquered?

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COP26: Biovision’s role

Biovision’s policy experts brought the latest findings on agroecology and climate to the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow.

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Summit: Regenerative Urban Farming

In Kenya the community of enthusiasts striving towards regenerative farming is rapidly increasing, especially in urban and peri-urban areas. The ShambaJijini Online Summit is supported by Biovision and brings together Kenyan pioneers to share knowledge, experience and personal stories.

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Banking on indigenous seed: investing in a healthier future

Vihiga, Kenya: researchers and farmers have established a community seedbank to cultivate traditional crops that can improve both health and livelihoods.

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OPINION: UN summit stays silent on root causes of our failing food system

"The global forum has wasted the chance to consider real alternatives to our corporate-led, environmentally harmful ways of producing what we eat."

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«‘Business as usual’ is not an option for the global food system»

Malnutrition, biodiversity crisis, climate change: we urgently need to rethink our food system. Here’s how we can bring about its transformation.

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