Is our hope for a better world realistic?

On 1 January 2020, Dr. Frank Eyhorn will take over the operational management of Biovision as the new Managing Director. Andreas Schriber, longtime CEO and co-founder of Biovision, met his successor for a talk.


Frank, not everyone likes us because we demand a change of course in agriculture. Do you think Biovision is too radical?

Biovision is not radical. It is resolute. The facts can simply no longer be ignored, and Biovision faces these facts. With concrete projects, in important global debates and here in Switzerland, Biovision shows that much can be changed if we want it to.

As a scientist with a doctorate, you have long been familiar with the connections between climate change, the destruction of biological diversity and dwindling food security. On the other hand, supporters of new, ecological solutions are still not in the majority – why is that?

Scientific facts about agricultural and climate policy do indeed seem academic and far removed from everyday life for many people. But we all eat – and so we are at the heart of the debate! Biovision succeeds in making socially and environmentally relevant solutions tangible and comprehensible, both here in Switzerland and in the global South. That is why I see Biovision as an important player in the implementation of central sustainability goals, now and in the future.

Many conflicts of interest will continue to escalate. Is our hope for a better world realistic?

I am a scientist, but I am also an incurable optimist. Over recent years I have noticed that more and more people are talking about our topics – even on the train or at the playground. Of course, change is happening much too slowly, but I am convinced that our work will enable us to gain a critical mass of like-minded people who can help break current trends. If you pursue something with determination, so much is possible!

What future do you hope for your 5-year-old daughter?

That she will live in a world that her parents could leave behind with a clear conscience – a world in which my daughter, and as many other people as possible, can live their lives freely and in dignity. I am dedicating all of my efforts towards that aim. I know that with Biovision, we can make a decisive contribution to this goal. That is why it will be a great privilege to be the managing director of this organisation.

Dr. Frank Eyhorn, 45, is an established expert in organic agriculture with more than 20 years of experience in international cooperation. He is passionate about sustainable agriculture and nutrition. With a PhD in environmental science, he has conducted extensive research and published various educational materials and scientific articles. From 2000 to 2005, Frank Eyhorn headed the Asian projects of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL. In 2006, he joined Helvetas, where he headed the Organic and Fair- trade Competence Centre and the Rural Development Advisory Team. Frank Eyhorn has been a board member of the global organic movement IFOAM since 2011 and vice president since 2014. He lives with his family in a community house in Zollikon, where he can often be found in the garden.