For children of children…

Children’s eyes sparkle with wonder at this time of year as they behold the artistically decorated Easter nests and chocolate bunnies. These delicious sweets are extremely popular and the annual production of just the Golden Bunny is 140 million.

The farmers who produce the cocoa for the Schoggi Bunny share almost none of the profit. For example, extreme poverty in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where they produce more than 60% of the cocoa – is such that more 1.5 million children work on the cocoa plantations. This includes more than 500,000 children who work in conditions that cause psychological and physical damage, robbing them of their childhood and their dignity and preventing them from going to school. A bitter reality!

If you want to make both your own children happy and those working in the cocoa plantations, always look out for Max Havelaar certification. This Fairtrade Label guarantees decent working conditions, a fair wage and has a strict ban on children working in the manufacturing process. If the product also has an organic logo, it also means a ban on the use of chemical pesticides that endanger the environment, biodiversity and the health of farmers. Celebrate a fair Easter!