«The awakening has begun» - anniversary Symposium on November 17, 2018

For our anniversary, we would like to invite you to join us on the journey that Biovision has taken thanks to your support. We look forward to showing you where the awakening for the future has already begun.

Our future generations have big challenges to overcome. However, we know many of the solutions that need to be taken. 20 years of real help – this success is our commitment. We look forward to seeing you!

Program Highlights

• Travel with Patrick Rohr: Africa's future is green
• Journey into the future: Dr. Hans Herren and his vision of the changing course of agriculture
• Journey underground: Listen to what the soil tells us
• Trip to Tanzania: The first organic farming school in Africa
• Travel and science: What we can learn from nature

The event will take place in German and English (including simultaneous translation of the entire symposium).

Admission to this event is free. Your friends and relatives are also welcome.