Agroecology Infopool Website

Near the end of 2018, Biovision’s Policy and Advocacy Team launched the Agroecology Infopool Website. The platform combines current knowledge with exemplary methods and projects from the field of agroecology and serves as a reference hub to set the foundation for a common understanding of what agroecology can and should be. The term ‘agroecology’ has become more significant within agricultural discourse, despite the fact that to date, no exact conceptual definition exists. This motivated Biovision to formulate a definitive source to disambiguate the significant and current concepts.


The website also serves as a foundation to evoke dialog at political, practical and scientific levels and to support the discourse with arguments in favor of an agroecological approach. This coherent foundation, combining common ground for knowledge and communication, is crucial for Biovision’s advocacy work to promote agroecology as an integral solution for present climate-related environmental problems and to transpose the Sustainable Development Goals of the Agenda 2030. The challenges and goals call for a holistic methodology, which Biovision is convinced should be agroecological.

Exchange and knowledge gain are further promoted by the assessment grid provided. The assessment grid analyzes how a particular research project contributes to the various principles of agroecology. By applying our agroecology assessment framework and translating it into a graphical visualization, we provide a structured and visually intuitive way to identify the focus and character of each of these case studies. By raising awareness of project supervisors, we hope to encourage them to develop and realize projects increasingly according to agroecological principles.

Convincing showcases, a criteria tool to assess your own project and an analysis on the SDGs