Dossier Agroecology

We urgently need to transform our food systems as we are facing problems like malnutrition, biodiversity loss, and climate change. Agroecology is a promising solution because of its holistic approach – it considers environmental, economic and social aspects. In this dossier, you can find answers on why and how agroecology can help bring about change.

The way we eat - from research and production to consumption and disposal of food - affects our health, society and the environment.


Articles on agroecology

Agroecology comes into focus at the UN Food Systems Summit

Sustainably transforming food systems through agroecology is at the heart of Biovision’s efforts to fight hunger and poverty. At the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit, agroecology was officially recognized by key actors as one of the game changing solutions. Read more


Tackling Climate Change with Agroecology

More and more people are affected by the consequences of climate change. Farmers in particular suffer from climate-induced weather extremes. Sustainable and more climate-resilient agricultural and food systems are therefore urgently needed. Read more