Donate to Biovision

With your support, you make a significant contribution to fighting hunger and poverty, building confidence and strengthening self-determined living. The Zewo seal of approval guarantees a conscientious and cost-conscious use of your donations.

Donation Information

We use your donation effectively and cost-consciously – this is guaranteed by the ZEWO seal of approval. You can also rely on Biovision’s guarantee that:

  • We use your donation for Biovision projects and activities that are necessary to achieve our goal of no hunger. Earmarked donations flow exclusively into the designated projects.
  • Biovision is transparent. Here you can find the complete annual report and financial statement.
  • Biovision attaches great importance to keeping its own ecological footprint low.


  • We send an expression of gratitude via post for donations of CHF 200 or more. Donations up to CHF 200 will only be thanked by post if requested.
  • If you do not wish to receive a thank-you note by post, please contact us at or 044 512 58 58.
  • If you provide us with your email address, we will be happy to send our expression of gratitude for your donation via email, regardless of the amount.

Donation confirmation and tax exemption

You will receive an annual confirmation of your donation for the tax authorities by post at the end of January. Donations and membership fees to the Biovision Foundation are tax deductible.

Low-cost transfers for membership fees

If you would like to support us regularly with a membership fee, we recommend that you take advantage of the direct debit procedure. You can order the form here or we will be happy to send it to you. Contact us at or 044 512 58 58.

Change of address

We would be grateful if you would inform us of any changes to your name or address. Contact us at or 044 512 58 58.