Legacies and bequests

Sow today - reap tomorrow

Making a will ensures that your estate is used in accordance with your wishes. A bequest to Biovision will allow the Foundation to continue its mission to tackle the root causes of poverty and hunger and bring about a world with enough food for all, produced by healthy people in a healthy environment. 

Many questions can arise when making a will and below are answers to some of the most common:

Why should I make a will?

  • You create clarity from the outset and it can prevent misunderstandings and disputes.
  • You and you alone decide how to dispose of your estate (property and financial assets together with smaller valuables that mean a lot to you) and it avoids assets automatically passing to the state.
  • You save on inheritance and gift tax as organisations such as Biovision are exempt from such taxes.
  • You can rest assured that your bequests will have a long-term effect.

Would you like more information?

Biovision can make available a more detailed guide, which can be very helpful when deciding the content and how to draft your will. To order guide

Our colleague Can Deniz will be happy to provide further assistance and can be contacted from Tuesday to Friday on 044 512 58 16 or by email c.denizbiovisionch 

How can you remember Biovision in your will?

  1. Bequest in favour of Biovision: With a bequest (legacy), you can leave Biovision a fixed sum or specific material assets (property, works of art, securities or other valuables). Click on the link to see how to include in your will a bequest in favour of Biovision: Example-PDF

  2. Biovision named as joint heir: As a joint heir, Biovision will receive a percentage of your estate. You can also specify that it receives specific assets. Biovision is then a member of the community of heirs. Click on the link to see how to name Biovision as a joint heir: Example-PDF

  3. Biovision named as sole heir: If there are no statutory heirs, you can name the Biovision Foundation as your sole heir. In this case, Biovision will receive your entire estate. Biovision is exempt from inheritance tax in almost all Swiss cantons and so your estate will be used in its entirety on Biovision projects. Click on the link to see how to name Biovision as your sole heir: Example-PDF