Give a beehive!

A meaningful gift for every occasion: Find out more about our gift certificate. You can fill it in and print it yourself!

First decide how much you want to donate and then enter it on the certificate.

Below an idea of what your contribution provides:

  • CHF45 provides 1 beehive
  • CHF90 provides 1 beehive including a starterkit
  • CHF200 provides 1 beehive including a starterkit and a beekeeper course

Pay the amount you want to donate using one of the following methods:

When making the payment, please remember to quote the reference “Beehive”; this will ensure that your donation goes to the Project DPP-008.

Print out the certificate and give it to your beloved ones.  

Biovision will spend your donation in the Siraro Region of Ethiopia where local people are suffering from drought, hunger and poverty. Biovision is providing support in the form of courses in beekeeping and the production and sale of honey.